Saturday, April 5, 2014

Everybody in the Pool

Today was our first dive day.  A beautiful crisp, clear day.  The seas were calm.  The staff was wonderful. And the dives were magnificent.

Before each dive there is a briefing explaining your dive profile.
It tells you what you can expect to see on the dive, how deep your dive is allowed to be and how long you're allowed to stay down in the water.
As you can see from this drawing we were going to see a wreck, a bicycle and maybe some lobsters.
This was dive #2.
  The dive site was named Ora Verde after the wreck.
We could go a maximum of 50' for 1 hour.

On our first dive, the dive site was Round Rock.
We saw this little guy.

While Frank was shooting him I looked over and saw this BIG mama coming towards us.

On the second dive Frank got a shot of these Garden Eels before they ducked back down into the sand.

Our friend, Paul, decided to take the bike for a spin.

Frank caught me checking out this conch shell.

After diving we hopped in the pool to rinse off and headed to the bar for lunch.  Jose wasn't working this afternoon so we tried a Cayman was okay but not near as good as Jose's lemonade.  I had the fish tacos and they were really good.  After lunch we showered, changed and took a walk into Georgetown.

We got our picture taken with a Parrot.

And I touched a Big Black Dick.
And that is ALL I have to say about THAT!!


  1. OMG that last picture will have me laughing for days. My husband's name Richard....when I met him everyone called him Dick...we had to change that!

    1. My brother is a Dick. Wait that didn't sound right!! He is a Richard whom we call Dick or the Dickster. He actually has the Dickster embroidered on his work shirts LOL.

  2. Congratulations - a Big Black Dick...hysterical! Love the dive pictures - the colors are so beautiful. I was on Grand Cayman once when I was little - you know, the cruise ship stopover. We played beach volleyball and got to wade around in the clear blue water. I cried on the tug going back to the ship - I just wanted to stay there forever! Enjoy!


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