Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tropical Storm

This was the weather when we had breakfast this morning.
Doesn't it look like it would be fun diving??
No, we didn't think so either so many of us stayed back.
But some brave souls decided to take on the challenge of morning dives.
Others decided to walk into town but we are not great shoppers so town has no charm for us.

We did walk into town later on to meet some of them for lunch at the Paradise Restaurant that I wanted to try.  I had the Fresh Wahoo you see listed on the board.  It was very good.

The empty glass you see is from a drink called The Hurricane.
I thought it was appropriate for the type of weather we were experiencing.

Paradise Restaurant is right on the ocean and is an open air restaurant. You can see all the blue plastic covering the openings to protect us from the ocean spray. The waves were crashing so loudly we could not hear each other speak. 

When we finished lunch we returned to the resort and most of us met down at the bar. Frank and I brought the computer so that we could play a slide show of all our underwater photos thus far. During which another storm hit...this time in my belly....I barely made it to the bathroom!  Five times I barely made it to the bathroom!!  Then I fell to sleep.  About a half hour ago Frank awoke me and tried to convince me to join him for dinner but I am still afraid to leave our room so he is at dinner now and will bring me back something bland.  Absolutely no more fruity juice drinks for me this trip!!!


  1. Poor thing! Hope you're back to normal by morning.

  2. I think I am back to normal now. Just finished a Caesar Shrimp Wrap and a glass of wine. Waiting to see.....

  3. Maybe it was the Wahoo! Hope you are better


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