Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello, Hello

Wonderful day of diving yesterday.  

As we were waiting for the Dive Boat the crabs came out to say Hello.

And then almost as soon as we jumped into the water Mr. Eel came out to say Hello.
I think Hugh was very surprised at how friendly Mr. Eel was.

Every dive location has something about it that makes it unique.  San Salvador, Bahamas were the sharks, Curacao was seahorses, Little Cayman is the breathtaking wall, Bon Aire are the numerous shore dives and for this trip it will be all the free swimming Green Moray Eels.

We said Hello to Mr. Lobster who was big enough to feed us all.

On our second dive we greeted these 3 Flamingo Tongues.
We have never found 3 of them together like this.

And we stopped and said Hello to our favorite 3 Monkeys.
Paul sees no evil, Hugh speaks no evil and Rob hears no evil.

Our third dive was at Sting Ray City where we were able to get up close and personal with about 7 friendly Rays who were happy to say hello to us as long as we had some squid in our hands.

One of the Rays said hello to my finger as she sucked it up with the squid.

And finally, a group of us walked into town for dinner last night at Guy Harvey's Restaurant.

Most of us had Lion Fish for dinner.  Lion Fish are beautiful but they do not belong here in this ocean.  They originated in the Pacific and had predators there who would cull them out but somehow they ended up in these warm waters where they are very prolific and where they have no predators but they feast on all of our reef fish diminishing our sea life.  So now the locals have started spearing them and selling them to the local restaurants in the hopes of saving our reefs. The Lion Fish was delicious, tender white meat that was not at all fishy tasting.  Lion fish belong to the grouper family so the flesh is very similar to that of grouper.  It is my hope that lion fish becomes very popular as a meal so that we can clean our Caribbean Sea of these fish.  Please talk to your favorite restaurants and stores and ask them to start supplying lion fish as one of their selections. You will not regret it.  They are tasty!!

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  1. Once again beautiful pictures. I almost feel like a diver myself. And that lLion fish sounds delish. I heard about them on the History Channel once...

    1. Totally agree with Paula - I feel like I'm right there under the water with you. The colors are so peaceful and the sea life is much less scary when I'm sitting at my computer! I have always been a fan of the person who invented the chlorinated, non-sea-life-inhabited swimming pool! I walk on the beach up to my knees...I try to go further, but get a little creeped out and have to bolt for the shore! Why is it that fish tastes so much better when you're on vacation?

  2. Me and mom love the pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog David and sharing it with your Mom. Tell her I haven't forgotten our baking date. I will call her and set it up when I get home. Mom Klik is going to join us also.


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