Monday, April 7, 2014

A Silvery Kind of Day

We had three more great dives today.  So far everything with this trip has been perfect.  The sun is always shining, the company is always pleasant, the drinks are always cold and the food is always delicious.  Grand Cayman is very nice and I am happy with the Sunset House and our Dive Crew. I do prefer going to Islands that are less touristy and more geared towards divers.  I am not a big shopper and the sights I want to see are underwater.  If there are sights to see on land I don't want to have to fight crowds to see them.  But every once in a while we need to go diving somewhere like this so the divers with non diving spouses can include them and their families and not have to worry that they are going to be bored to death.  This is a great group of people and we are having a lot of fun.

We saw our first shark of this dive trip on our first dive this morning.  It was right near the end of the dive and we were heading back to the boat when Ms. Nurse Shark decided to pop in and say Hi!

That was our first silver sighting of the day.  She was probably about 4' long and was not shy at all. The dive master said that she sometimes will brush right up to you but it was not my lucky day, she was about 40' away from us.

Our next silver sighting was a school of about 10-12 Tarpin.  Frank was able to catch these last 2 that were in the tail end of the line.

We returned to land and had lunch before our 3rd dive this afternoon which took place on the Wreck of the USS Kittywake.  Kittywake has only been underwater about 3 years and was more intact than any other seawater wrecks I have been to.

The ship has tons of swim-throughs and we were able to penetrate every floor of the ship.  We were in the bathrooms, the mess hall, the cargo hold, the locker room, we were even able to see the decompression chamber. In the above photo I had just swam out of the wreck through the porthole and Frank snapped this pic before he exited the wreck.

Frank got to play with the water cannon.  Water cannons are mainly used for firefighting or for knocking out little boats that contain Pirates who would try to invade the ship.

Our friends, Hugh and Paul, couldn't decide who should Captain the ship.

My little break here, that allowed me a free moment to visit with you all is nearly over.  The resort is having a pizza party for our group tonight to thank us for our patronage.  See you all tomorrow.


  1. Have a great time and keep up the great updates

  2. I love your pictures. I love the islands. But I don't like being underwater so I wouldn't make a good diver. I wouldn't need anyplace to shop. Just a nice place on the beach with few people around me and I would be happy. Oh and someone to keep bringing me drinks cause all that walking in the sand is a killer. I am glad you are getting a nice break

    1. Thanks Paula, you forgot to add a "good book" to your dream vacation.

    2. Yes you are right. A good book is a necessity.

  3. I love that you were thrilled by the shark...I would have peed my wetsuit! I don't like them on tv - I hate that darned Shark Week. Although I did get a kick out of Sharknado! Great pictures. You are so brave!

    1. That was just a nurse shark. They are very harmless unless you try to get near their nests or hurt their babies.


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