Thursday, December 21, 2023

Celebrating the Holidays with Friends, Appetizers, and Dominio de Los Duques Cava #WorldWineTravel

We had friends over for dinner last night to celebrate the season.  We started the festivities with appetizers and a bottle of Dominio de Los Duques Cava.  Spain's answer to Champagne.  Just as crisp, dry and delicious, and much more affordable.

Cava with Appetizers

It is time for the Holiday version of World Wine Travel where we have been visiting South America in 2023.
Cam of Culinary Cam is hosting this final event of 2023.  In 2024, the members of our wine blogging groups; Italian Food Wine Travel, Wine Pairing Weekend, French Winophiles and World Wine Travel have combined.  We will be featuring one of the groups on the second Saturday of each month.  

Life has gotten very busy and trying to post once a month for each group takes a lot of time and dedication.  I am lucky enough to be retired so I have a lot more time than most.  We watched our groups dwindle from around 20 bloggers to only 4 or 5 participants each week, inducing us to find a way to stay connected while easing some of the burden for those who are not as lucky as I.

We will start in January with French Winophiles and I am hosting.  I asked the others to share wines that they had gifted or been gifted during the holidays so make sure you stop by and see what everyone is talking about.

This past month all four of the groups have been popping bubbly for the holidays.  I started out by gifting two bottles of Michigan Bubbly to my daughter, Jessica, when she hosted a family dinner.  This was followed up by a bottle of Cremant from France.  A great alternative to Champagne.  

I am finishing up the year with this bottle of Cava.  I must confess that Sparkling wine is not my favorite.  I like it better than sweet wine and much better than fortified wines but it is not my go-to selection.  However, I always have bottles on hand to offer to guests or to bring out for celebrations.  

Cava is one of those that I always keep stocked because, of all the sparkling wines I have tried I enjoy Cava the best.

Friends toasting

Of course, my eyes are closed.  This is the only photo Frank took because he then joined us with his glass of Cava, and the visiting commenced as the photography ceased.  Our friend Bob was unable to join us as he wasn't feeling well.  I sent him home a care package but no Cava LOL.

Cava Wine

My friend, Sharon, loved this wine.  I actually thought it was pretty good as well and enjoyed a second glass before dinner was served.  This bottle of Cava is a Macabeo-based blend that I purchased from WSJ Wine Club for $17.  

Macabeo, also called Viura, is a white wine grape varietal grown in the Rioja region of Spain and the Roussillon area of France.  The Dominio de los  Duques was crisp and citrusy.  It paired beautifully with the Toast Points topped with Watercress Cream and Smoked Salmon and the Blue Cheese and Walnut Puff Pastry Rolls.  It also would have paired well with our first course of Salad topped with Lobster in a Citrusy Vinaigrette but, alas, it was all gone before we got that far so we opened a Chard.

This wine is made by Don Vincente Garcia who has not only been named the man behind the best Cava in Spain but also fought the battle that won the right to call sparkling wine from areas beyond Spain's Northeast section, Cava.  I can honestly say that this is the best sparkling wine I have ever sipped.

It's a very busy time of year so there will be no chat this month but do stop by and see what sparkling wines from South America the others are sharing........
Cheers to you and yours.  May your Holiday Season be Joyful and Blessed.


  1. Loved your sharing of the sparkling wines that you are drinking these days. Happy Holidays with lots of bubbles!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Cheers to a Happy Holiday Season for you and yours.

  2. Thanks for joining! I really enjoy bubbles. I am glad you joined the fun and games.

  3. Cava is such a great choice for sparkling wines - for the holidays or anytime for that matter. I'm glad you found a fave sparkling wine!


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