Saturday, October 1, 2016

Family Fun, Fall Feasts, Phryne Fisher and Final Farewell

Family Fun:

We had a great day last Sunday.  We took our little Angel Face to the Renaissance Festival.

We got dressed in our Medieval Finery and off we went.  We stopped by the petting zoo and saw goats, sheep and donkeys.  We went on a big dragon swing but our Little Miss thought the best thing was the pony rides.  "YeeHaw"  she said to Grampy each time we walked past him.  When the ride wa over she gave her pony a hug and then cried like her heart was broken when she had to get off. We went and had some lunch.  Melody was ravenous and enjoyed her meal very much.  We didn't stay too much longer but long enough tht the moment we got into the car she was O. U. T. out like a light.

Fall Feasts:

I don't know if you stopped by to see me at all last week but I had joined in with about 20 other bloggers in an event called #AppleWeek.  We got together each day to share our favorite recipes containing apples.  There were some amazing recipes shared and I had a great time.  

I started with a Caramel Apple Martini, a delicious sweet ending to a busy day.  I thought I shouldn't have all sweets so on the second day I presented this crisp, tasty Chopped Apple Salad.  Of course, no apple celebration would be complete without a pie so I put together this Apple Pie Skillet. Sometimes you want something sweet and decadent but don't want to go off your eating program.  When those times hit you can relax and enjoy these scrumptious Apple and Nut Drop Cookies guilt free.

The Fall Feasting continues with Oktoberfest recipes tomorrow at #SundaySupper and #PumpkinWeek which starts on Monday.  Stay tuned.....they are sure to be great events.

Phryne Fisher:

I finished the second book of the Phryne Fisher series, Flying Too High, by Kerry Greenwood.  I was introduced to Phryne in the first book, Cocaine Blues.  In this second novel, Phryne finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation that is interuppted by a kidnapping of a young child.  Phryne, in her inimitable style, solves both of these crimes quite soundly while still finding time to dally with a handsome doctor.  This whole process concluded in only a couple of fun fillled, laugh out loud days.

Image result for flying too high kerry greenwood pdf

If you are looking for an escape from your everyday doldrum life without leaving the house pick up a Phryne Fisher novel and dive in.

Final Farewell:

Our move date is next Saturday, October 8.  Only one more week so we will be busy packing and planning.  I am very excited about the move but I would be lying if I said I didn't occasionally suffer pangs of melancholy.

I am sharing the Weekly Menu for next week.  We will see how well I do sticking with it during this busy time.  At least I will have some idea of what I want to serve at the end of the day.  


Vegetable Stuffed Flank Steak
Mashed Red Skin Potatoes

Dinner at Church Meeting
Leftovers for Frank



Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes

Out for dinner


  1. The CTB post is up, Wendy. Thanks for reading The Secret Life Of Frida Kahlo and playing along! Happy Saturday and good luck on the move!

  2. Such cute pictures. I made your Chicken Noodle soup last winter. That looks like what I need on my menu this week!! Happy packing!

    1. Thanks Paula, it is smelling mighty good in here right now.

  3. Great post! Those apple recipes look so good!


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