Monday, October 17, 2016

The Kitchen

Today marks one week since we moved into our new home.  It is coming together slow but sure.  We have done a lot but there is a lot we still want to do.  We have ordered up new flooring throughout the house.  The installers need to start with the tile but when the tile arrived one of the cases was damaged so the new date for delivery is this Friday.  The wood flooring and carpeting are ready and waiting.  The wood flooring goes in after the tile and the carpeting will go in last.

The painter has no openings until the beginning of November but promises it will be completed by Thanksgiving.  The master closet is scheduled for a makeover on November 19th.  We also have a doorwall and window to remove and replace with solid walls.  An all season room was added to this house.  When they did so they left the doorwall that leads to the master suite and a window that looks into the great room.  That is next on our list of priorities and we hope to have it done before the painter is ready.  

The fireplace in the living room was flanked by windows on either side. One was blocked off by the previous owner but the window frame and a recessed area was left in the one that they removed to put a pantry into the all purpose room.  The other window, as stated, is still there.  We are ordering up bookcase/cupboards to flank either side of the fireplace.  Most of the window coverings have been ordered and we are awaiting delivery.  

The kitchen is pretty nice and I am mostly happy with it.  We will be replacing the wood floor with tile, adding a dishwasher and replacing the window treatments.  I am very happy to have a working kitchen again with all my small appliances back where they belong.

We had our first dinner party last night when we celebrated our daughter, Amy's, birthday.  I really like the flow of this kitchen much better than my other kitchen and am loving all the counter space I have.

Frank hung my kitchen sign that was made for me by my friend, Tamie.  She creates custom made signs and does a wonderful job.  This one features my Polish hen, Stella, and was handpainted.  You can find and order her signs at her Etsy Shop, Tamie Marie Design.  You are sure to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone.


  1. Love the sign! Sounds like you are making your new home even newer!! Kitchen is beautiful! Love the cabinets

    1. Thanks Paula. Good thing I took photos yesterday. Today Frank pulled out cupboards to ready an install of a dishwasher.

    2. UH oh! But it will be worth it. Can't imagine not having a dishwasher!!

    3. I will be happy to have it back that's for sure.


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