Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We aren't the only one's downsizing...

We recently moved from our 4000 square foot home to a 2000 square foot home.  We traded in our 12 acres for 5.  Frank retired earlier this year and we no longer wanted a home that required so much time and energy.  We also appreciated the fact that moving would save us money each month since our income level dropped after retirement.

We are settling into our new home very nicely.  We were iffy about whether this was going to be the right move until we got in here.  Now, each day, we remark on different aspects of our new home that we prefer over the previous.

We aren't the only one's who downsized.  Frank and my brother, Dick, put together the new home for our laying hens yesterday and we moved them last night.  They had spent the last week at their old house and we would stop by every other day to give them food and water.  Not to worry, they were not neglected.  The 4 children who now live in our previous house loved them each and every day. They have convinced their parents to order up some chicks in the Spring so that the coop isn't vacant for long.

When moving hens it is easiest at night because they go into a trancelike rest.  They are easily taken from their roosts and placed where you want them.  This is also how you introduce new hen's to your flock.  You move them during the night and when the other hens awaken they better accept that these newcomers belong.

I haven't been out yet to see how our ladies are adjusting to their new digs.  It is much smaller but it is placed inside of our out building to give them protection from the elements.  There is a dog door installed by prior owners in the outbuilding that will lead into an outside run for the hens.  Frank will be working on that today.  I am sure they will be happy but I bought them a sack of mealworms as a treat to help them adjust.


  1. This is too darn cute. Makes me want some chickens. LOL!

  2. You still have 5 acres! I would not know what to do with that much land! Our little plot is 60 x 100 but we have a school yard behind us that I like to refer to as or "back 40." So happy you are settling in so nicely!

    1. LOL, three of our acres are wooded Karen. We are going to make hiking/skiing trails through them.


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