Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Repurposing Furniture and Two Audible Book Reviews

When I started packing for the move, I placed this chair and table in my garage sale.  I had no takers so it made the move with me.  This turned out to be very fortuitous since the sunroom was larger than I had recalled and I needed furniture to make a sitting area.

So I had a green recliner and this wingback chair, both bought shortly after we were married over 25 years ago.  The table came with me when I entered into the marriage.  It was part of my dowry LOL

The table had seen better days and had been scratched up and chewed on by numerous pups.  This was not a problem when it was tucked in my own little corner next to my own  little chair but it didn't look too nice in the middle of a room.

So I decided to paint it using chalk paints.  My sister had taught me how to do this a couple of years ago when we were getting the nursery ready for Little Miss.  You can read about it and learn the technique here.   

It is very simple.  I had Frank tighten all the loose screws to make the table more sturdy.  Then I started by applying my undercoat that I chose to make pink.  I put on two coats of the pink followed by one coat of a sage green.  Then I took a wet rag and distressed it...going down to the pink in some spots and all the way to the wood grain in other spots.  I let it dry overnight and then applied three coats of minwax to it.

I am happy with the outcome but wish I had used a darker green.  My sis said "so put on another coat of dark".  I may do that but not immediately I dressed it up for the Fall and I think it looks fine.

Moving doesn't allow much time for reading.  I normally read at night for an hour or so before going to sleep but I have been conking out the minute my head hits the pillow.  Thankfully, I can listen to audible books while unpacking or while painting tables.

The first book I listened to was recommended by Heather of Based on a True Story.  I knew I wanted to order up this book based on Heather's review and I am glad that I did. 

If At Birth You Don’t Succeed

This is the story of Zach Anner, written and narrated by Zach Anner.  I had never heard of Zach prior to this book because, as some of you may know, I live under a rock.  Zach has been a youtube sensation and has had a couple of reality television shows.  He is a comedian, a filmaker, and an author.  He also was born prematurely with cerebral palsy.  Zach writes about his life with transparency, honesty and humor.  I found myself laughing out loud and then wiping away tears.  It is, at once, uproariously funny and tenderly touching.  I felt like Zach was sitting at the counter as I unpacked and keeping me company.  I would recommend this book to everyone and think it would make the mandatory reading list for my class if I were a high school teacher.   There are so many lessons to be learned from Zach's story of tenacity, responsibility, empathy and perseverence.

Image result for friction by sandra brown

The next book that I listened to and finished while working on the table was Friction by Sandra Brown.  This is the first novel I have read by this author but it won't be the last.  It is the story of a Federal Marshall who lost his wife in an accident and not coping well, gave temporary custody of his daughter to his in laws.  He has now gotten himself together and is in court for his final day of a hearing to determine whether his daughter should be returned to him.  As he is testifying a gunman charges into the courtroom spraying bullets and killing the officer providing security.  The protagonist, Crawford, protects the judge and then flees after the gunman.  Hence starts the story of Friction....Who was the gunman?  Who was his intended target?  Why was there an assasination attempt?  Who deserves custody of the little girl, Georgia?  Can the judge be impartial having been saved by Crawford and finding that she and Crawford are very attracted to one another?....find the answer to these questions by reading or listening to this book that is hard to put away.


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