Thursday, March 19, 2015

Farm News......

Happy Thursday everyone.  It has occurred to me that I have been so busy posting recipes for mydifferent clubs that I haven't talked about my everyday life in a while.  I am going to remedy that right this very minute.

I think (fingers crossed) that Spring has finally sprung here on the farm.  True, the ponds are still frozen, but the snow is all melted.  Now all that is left are 12 acres of dog poop!

Image result for dog poop everywhere

It was like an obstacle course when I went out to take care of my hens this morning.  You know what else needs to be done now that the weather is getting nicer....yep....that chicken coop needs to get a good cleaning.  That is going to be a big job so I think I will wait until the weekend and bribe Frank into helping with it.  The hens are very happy to be able to get out and roam around again, they don't like leaving the coop when it is freezing and the ground is covered in snow.  I can tell they are happy because their egg laying has increased by leaps and bounds.

Doesn't your heart just bleed for the hen that laid this egg?!!

I haven't been to see Mom in a couple of days.  Don't worry, she has had company each day, just not my company so I am going to be stopping by to see her while I am out and about this morning. Jackie was there on Tuesday and they were having a St. Patrick's Day party.  Jackie said Mom was dancing and grinning ear to ear.  I am so happy that she is happy and content.  

On the blogging front, I am excited to announce that I had one of my recipes published in the April edition of Homelife Magazine.  I even got a payment for it.  That means that this blog actually earned me some $$$.  Frank says that if measured in the amount of time I put into this blog, I am making about .0000000000001 per day LOL.  But, seriously, I was very pleased that they chose to feature my Green Bean and Corn Salad in their wonderful publication.  I know that you are all going to want to quickly order up the spring bundle so that you can have your own personal copy containing a recipe from yours truly!!  Humor me, okay.

They even included a little blurb I put together in an inset of their photo of my recipe.
"This is a great salad to serve at picnics or potlucks because you don't need to worry about refrigeration.  It looks beautiful on the buffet table and when the produce is in season, it can be bought locally at your farmer's market."

Thank you LifeWay for choosing my recipe from all of those that were submitted. 
 I am honored.


  1. Congratulations, Wendy! That is awesome!

  2. I love all of your posts but I especially like it when you do a Farm News post. I am so happy for you to be PUBLISHED. How wonderful is that??? I have to look for the magazine. I am so excited. And I don't know how I ever missed that salad recipe. Justin would love it. He is crazy about these kinds of salads. Happy to hear mom is good. That is how brothers and I did it with my mom. We divided the days up so someone always went but no one person had to do it all the time. Once again congratulations!

  3. I am going to have to stop by your blog more often! Your farm news stories and your recipes are so refreshing! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations to you! What a nice surprise but that salad is such a nice warm weather one. That's what's coming, Warmer weather. Yay!

  5. Congratulations! That is awesome. I would totally frame my first recipe in a magazine

  6. I had to laugh... we get paid about the same amount!! But super congrats on your recipe in the magazine. And good luck with those frozen lakes, I hope they have thawed a bit by now. Such a different world from me!

    1. Well if we were doing this for the money it wouldn't have the same heart and soul to it Kim. I watch blogs go from being a way of sharing our lives to nothing more than post after post of advertising.....not my cup of tea.


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