Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Wine Lover's Dilemma......

You know how food and wine just naturally go together...kind of like birds of a feather, yin and yang, love and marriage, peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, corned beef and cabbage.

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Oh, corned beef and cabbage, they do go very well together but corned beef is not necessarily a wine friendly food.  Each spring we wine lovers celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Corned Beef and then are in a quandary of what type of wine we should serve with it.  Many of us, including me, just say forget and open an Irish beer to enjoy with our corned beef.  And it is not only corned beef that confounds us....what about asparagus. Or artichokes, eggs, rhubarb or green salads.  What about sushi or fresh picked berries.  Smelt screams for beer but can you pair it with wine instead?

This, my friends, is the question for April's Wine Pairing Weekend (#WinePW) coming up soon. We are going to put on our thinking caps and offer you plenty of ideas on wines that pair well with those fresh springtime flavors.

Like all parties, the more the merrier, so if you would like to join us and/or have some great ideas for spring flavors and wine pairings please send an email to me at Please include your blog url, twitter handle, link to your pinterest profile and any other social media info that you would like included,

Then choose your favorite spring flavor and pick a wine that will highlight all of the wonderful qualities in your dish.  I will be asking for your post title by April 7th so I have time to put together a preview post featuring all of our ideas.  Please make sure your post contains #WinePW in the title and schedule it to go live between 12:01 am and 8:00 am on April 11th.

I will be providing you with an html code to include in your initial post, along with a short description of what the event is about. I will update the html code once we are live and provide the new codes to you so you can update yours as soon as possible.

The best part of each event, I think, is visiting and sharing each others blogs on all the social media sites.  It not only gets our posts more attention but it attracts other bloggers who may want to join our group.

We will be having a live #winepw chat on the day of the post that all bloggers and other parties interested in the topic are invited to join.

That's it...Easy Peasy.  Oh, just one more thing...this is my first time hosting an event for a group so please be patient with me.


  1. Good luck with you first blog host!! I wouldn't begin to know what to do. When it comes to wine and food I have never been one to even try to pair it up. I eat what I like and I drink what I like! Can't be easier than that LOL

    1. I think that is the bottom line Paula...If you like it and it tastes good to you then you should pair it. Easy Peasy, you are so smart.

  2. Woohoo. You can do it!! I love this pairing idea.

  3. Definitely need to put on my thinking cap for this one.


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