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Mama Mia...Here We Go Again (The Roundup) #FoodnFlix

It's time for the FoodnFlix Roundup!!  Each month one of us chooses a film.  The members of the group watch the film at their convenience any time during the month and then make a dish inspired by the film and write a blog post that shares the recipe and tells what you thought about the featured film.

Food 'n Flix

I first posted with this group in May of 2014.  I don't think I have missed a month since.  When I joined this group it was under the leadership of Heather of All Roads lead to the Kitchen . Heather has been on hiatus for personal reasons for the past few months and has handed the reins over to Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla.  We appreciate Cam taking over and hope that Heather is able to join us again soon.

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This month I chose the film Mamma Mia! Here we go again.  I wrote up my invitation post at the end of last month and asked the others to join me.  I think this film is so much fun!!

Let's take a look now at what the others thought of my choice and what they were inspired to make for us......

Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla was first to submit her post.  I mean very first.  As in the first day of May first LOL.

Cam loved the movie and was inspired to open a wonderful bottle of Greek Wine.  Cam says as much as she adored the movie she did not find too much food inspiration while watching.  So instead she has chosen to share this wine saying...
"Over 300 indigenous grapes have been identified throughout Greece, though not all of them are suitable for wine production. Some of the native white varietals are Assyrtiko, the crisp, saline variety of Santorini, along with Roditis, Robola, Moschofilero, and Malagousia. Prominent red varietals include full-bodied and fruity Agiorghitiko, a Nemea-native; Macedonia’s savory and tannic Xinomavro; and Mavrodaphne, most often used produce a Port-like fortified wine in the Peloponnese."
There was a lot of wine drinking in this film so I think her choice was perfect and she shared a couple of great Greek recipes with us too.

Following closely on Cam's heels was Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures .  Amy was not enamored by the movie.  This type of movie is not her cup of tea but she did find inspiration in the scene featuring a song she loved.

Amy explains this beautifully as she shared this Strawberry Moscato Slushie......
"Over and over, I kept going back to my favorite scene in the movie…or rather…favorite song: Andante! It is such a pretty song and sung so beautifully in the movie!
 And of course, there isn’t a speck of food to be seen in that scene. However, it does take place in a bar! So, I got to thinking, maybe a fresh, fruity drink inspired by the beautiful island that is the setting of the movie would be the way to go!"

I was third up with my post.  I did notice more food than Cam and Amy.  There were several scenes taking place in open air markets, restaurants and parties.  However, those scenes didn't inspire me to make this Fasolada , a lemony Greek Bean Soup.

I rewatched the film shortly before I had to make a dish for our Soup Saturday Swappers event.  I knew that I wanted to make a Greek Soup and the theme for Swappers this month was Craft Beer which also fit in nicely with the film's many bar scenes.

Debra of Eliot's Eats is up next with an amazing Chopped Greek Salad.  Debra was surprised that she enjoyed the film as musicals are not normally her genre of choice.

Debra did find some food inspiration in the film however she says.......
"I really wanted to make Massouka and had researched a couple of recipes, including a vegetarian option and a Donna Hay recipe that made individual servings. But, for a number of different reasons here at EE, it’s salad time. (Read eating healthier.) A Greek salad would fit for Mama Mia 2."
 April of Home Sweet Homestead sent me her title the same day as Debra.  April is sharing with us a marvelously different Tzatziki Dip .

April, like Debra, is not a big fan of musicals but was pleasantly surprised that all of the songs were from ABBA and actually found herself singing along with the film.  Here is what April said about the inspiration for this dip......
"I love the aromatic spices and herbs used in Greek recipes, and one of my all time favorites is Gyros with Tzatziki sauce. But when I sat down to watch the movie a second time, (yes, I'm one of those people) I wanted something to snack on. My mind went straight to turning Tzatziki sauce into a dairy free dip, to enjoy with crudites."

Evelyne of CulturEatz joined in the fun as well.  Evelyne says that if you like Abba, romance and female oriented movies this is the right pick for you, however it wasn't her cup of tea.

The movie did inspire her to serve up these Vegan, no bake, almond biscuits.  April spoke of how the movie had many celebrations in it and these cookies are traditional for Greek celebrations.  Here is what she had to say.....
"The Greek almond biscuits were the perfect Greek recipe for this month. Almonds are commonly found in sweets in Greek desserts. That is because almonds are a symbol of happiness, prosperity and good luck, especially at Greek weddings and baptisms."

I want to thank all who joined in this month's event.  I encourage you to check out their recipes and to think about joining us in June when we watch This Beautiful Fantastic.

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I'm excited to announce that Heather of All Roads Lead to the Kitchen will be back and hosting this film that I can't wait to watch.  Stop by the FoodnFlix how to participate tab to learn more.


  1. Great round up, I am hungry again. An dthristy (for wine and slushies at 9 am lol)

  2. Interesting that it was a polarizing movie! But I guess it was that way in my household, too. Thanks for hosting. Can't wait to try some of these recipes.

  3. I always loving seeing the recipes people are inspired to make from a movie. Will be renting our June movie to watch soon.

  4. Fun film. Thanks for hosting and "forcing" me to watch it. I did enjoy it, Wendy!

  5. This was such an awesome pick and I’m bummed that I didn’t get back on track in time to send you a dish. This is a favorite of mine and my daughters (we sing along to the soundtrack constantly). Thanks for hosting!

    1. Thanks for allowing me to host Heather. So happy you are back.


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