Friday, March 1, 2019

A Book Review and The Weekly Menu

My friend, Chad Richardson, has completed another novel.  He sent me an advanced copy and asked for my honest opinion.  All thoughts and writings are completely my own. 

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This is the third novel, written by Chad Richardson, that I have read and reviewed.

Chad and I worked together as Police Officers and later as Detectives.  One of the nice things about being an officer in a large city is that you have a lot of different opportunities.  Chad worked as an undercover officer during his tenure and that background shines through in this novel.

I was pretty impressed with Chad's first novel, A Fragile Path.  It was strange reading a book and reconciling it with the person you know, but it didn't take me long to get into the story and forget all about who authored it.

His second novel, Jolly Jane, was very different from the first but just as good.  However, I was left hanging at the end and had wished for more closure.

This third novel, did not give me closure but it gave me a beginning.  This novel is the back story of Greely, the detective we met in Jolly Jane.  It is the story of how he slipped from detecting for the PD to detecting during his off time.  This novel is very realistic. If you have ever wondered what life is truly like in the world of policing, you will find the answer in this novel.  

I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this novel which is a prequel to Jolly Jane and ends off right where Jolly Jane begins.  I cannot wait for the next novel!!

Life gets very busy and I am happy that I can sometimes turn it off and lose myself in a good book.  I have now started listening to Buttermilk Graffiti by Edward Lee and am loving this one as well....stay tuned for that review.

Marissa has a half day of school today.  We are meeting her sister for dinner this evening while Frank attends a retirement party.

Tomorrow we head out to Ohio to celebrate Frank's aunt's 90th birthday.  It is a polka fest.  Aunt Jo is in great shape and can dance better than most half her age.  We will be spending the night and coming home Sunday afternoon.  The dogs will be happy having my nephew to hang with all weekend.

Monday we have 2 doctor appointments and then have to head down to the city to get our taxes done.  It will be another meal that we will be eating out.

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Tuesday life returns, somewhat, back to normal.  Ash Wednesday begin our Lenten season.  We will abstain from meat on that day.  Lent, for me and for many, is a time of fasting, praying and giving.  

As part of my practice this year I will be helping to run the Parish Fish Fry each Friday.  This will require quite a bit of time starting on Wednesday mornings and lasting until clean up on Friday evenings.  I see a lot of slow cooker, instant pot and casserole meals in our future. 

So here is my Weekly Menu reflecting our life here on the farm......



Dinner out after Taxes

Tossed Salad

Ash Wednesday
Macaroni and Cheese

Asian Style Beef Stew

Eat at Parish Fish Fry

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