Monday, January 23, 2017

A Fragile Path....Book Review

One of the guys that I used to work with in the police department, Chad Richardson, contacted me and asked if I would review a novel that he had written.  Chad said that it had long been a dream of his to write novels and he had just published his first, A Fragile Path.

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I was happy to do so and he sent me a free download for this purpose.  Chad and I, like many of my friends from work, keep in touch through social media.  He is now living down south with his wife, who is the daughter of another one of our officers, and their six children.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this book.  Chad and I were friends, we worked together, we attended each other's weddings, we would grab lunch together sometimes and when I was in need he had my back.  But we were not really, buds.....we didn't hang out together or even with the same group of people.  We were each too busy with our own lives, I guess.  I was glad that he thought of me and gave me the opportunity to read his novel but didn't expect to like it quite as much as I did.

It was hard for me, when I first started reading, because I kept flashing back to my friend, Chad, and shaking my head as I tried to reconcile the words with the man.  After the first few pages, the prologue really (which I loved) my mind shifted gears and I was no longer reading a book written by a friend but a novel in which I was engrossed.

The author, did an amazing job with character development.  I felt as if I had been plopped in the middle of this small town and was getting to know each one of it's residents personally.  There were those I loved, those I was ambivalent about, those I disliked and those I hated.  This was a novel about people, community, friendship, family and human nature.  There was no plot but rather just a gentle easy read that filled my flight to California with laughter and tears.

I was a little flummoxed when the book ended.  There were some character's stories that I felt were left unfinished.  Perhaps the author is planning a sequel to this novel?  I hope that is the case.

I recommend this book and would, even had I not ever worked with the author.  Chad Richardson has moved in my mind as a guy I used to work with to an author that I read.  I look forward to his next novel.


  1. Interesting and nice review, Wendy. I will keep this in mind when my book pile gets a bit shorter.

    1. Very quick read Cam and easily turned into a foodie read....Lots of food but I was trying to get this review out in a timely manner.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good read!


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