Friday, March 22, 2019

Heading North and the Weekly Menu

The Teen has Spring Break all week so we are heading north for a few days.  Yes, I know that during Spring Break you are supposed to go somewhere warm.  However, we will make up for this at the end of next month when we head to Cayman Brac for a dive getaway.

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We have just a smattering of snow left here but I'm sure we will find more the further north we go.

Tonight we are having our friends, the Wronas, Greens Luths and Paul, over for dinner.  John and Kirsten were supposed to join in the fun but Kirs is down and out with a bug.  Our friends, the Barrets, were to join us as well but Rodney is not feeling up to it. These are some of our dive buddies and it is always a good time.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to spend some time with our Traverse City family.  You may have heard me talking about their store, Blue Vase Book Exchange.  They recently moved into a much larger facility.  I am anxious to see it.  We will spend a few days up visiting with them and taking Marissa to see the sites, depending on the weather.  

We will head home Tuesday afternoon and then the onslaught begins.  Wednesday we meet our trainer at the gym and then head to prep for the fish fry.  Wednesday night we get the Angel Face.  Her mama and Julien are heading to LA for a wedding.  

Thursday, after school delivery for both kids, we are again prepping for the fish fry all day, followed by choir.  The Teen will be caring for the Angel Face while we are at choir.

Friday, we'll hit the gym after both kids are dropped at school and then I am back at the fish fry until late evening.  

Needless to say the Weekly Menu is very abbreviated but I'll share it regardless.

Up North

Up North

Up North

Dinner en route home or TBD if we get home early enough.

BLT Pizza (Moved from last week)

Fish and Tots

Eat at Fish Fry

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