Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Let's Add a Little Zip for #TripleSBites

It is time once again for Triple S Bites hosted by Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla.  Cam has challenged us to come up with Spicy, Saucy and Sexy bites for Valentines Day and Beyond.  Not only did she come up with the idea, find all of the participants and take care of all the paperwork. she also gathered up a great group of sponsors!

Today I am using a wonderful product that I recieved from Not Ketchup and I am pretty geeked about it.  The flavor I am used for today's dish is Spiced Fig. I incorporated it into the Zip Sauce that I served with the Filet Mignon that I made for dinner tonight.


Not Ketchup sent me a bottle of the Spiced Fig for joining in this event. I was not required to use this product nor was I compensated other than with the free bottle.All opinions are 100% mine and 100% truthful.  I have also made recipes with Chipotle Cherry Not Ketchup with great results, including Cherry Chipotle Wings and Turkey Meatloaf.


I also used products from Gourmet Garden for the zip sauce.  These herbs in a tube save me tons of time and energy.  It is so much easier just to squeeze the herbs in than using fresh and so much fresher than using dried.  Again, while I recieved products from Gourmet Garden for participating in this event, I was not required to use them or blog about them.  All opinions are my own and shared because I love the product.  And speaking of sponsors you can go here to win some great prizes of your own.

But to get back to my love story.....I decided to make a special dinner for my Valentine.  I set up a small table in front of the fireplace, lit some candles, put on some soft music and poured some wine. 
I am very fortunate to have been blessed with a wonderful man who chose to make me his wife and life partner.  We have been married 22 years, nearly 23 now.  The time has flown by but, then again, it feels as if we have always been one.

One of Frank's favorite meals is Filet Mignon.  I normally serve it with a Cabernet Jus but whenever he orders a filet at a restaurant he orders it with the Zip Sauce.  I decided to try my hand at a Zip Sauce, which is basically a flavored butter sauce.  When I got this bottle of Spiced Fig Not Ketchup in the mail I knew that I wanted to incorporate it into the sauce for our filets.

Filet Mignon with Spiced Fig Zip Sauce

4 (6 oz) Filet Mignon
Salt and pepper to taste
1 t. butter
2 t. olive oil

Spiced Fig Zip Sauce

1/4 cup butter, softened
1 T. Gourmet Garden Garlic Paste
1 T. Gourmet Garden Parsley
1 T. Not Ketchup, Spiced Fig Sauce
2 t. Worcestershire Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Remove filets from refrigeration, pat dry and season liberally with salt and pepper.  Let rest until ready to cook, at least 30 minutes but up to 3 hrs.

Preheat oven to 425*.  Melt 1 t. butter and 2 t. olive oil in a cast iron skillet over high heat.  When oil and butter are shimmery but not smoking, sear steaks on one side.  When brown and crisp turn filets and place skillet in hot oven for 10 minutes for med rare or until they reach an internal temp of 120*.

While steaks are cooking, combine ingredients for Spiced Fig Zip Sauce in a small bowl.

Remove from oven, place on platter and place under heat lamp or tent with foil.  While steaks are resting, place skillet back onto burner over med high heat.  Add 1/2 of the Zip Sauce ingredients into pan and whisk into the drippings from the steak until thickened and bubbly.  Pour over steaks and serve.  (Reserve remaining zip sauce in refrigerator for later use).

 I am including an affiliate link in this post.  That means I receive a small stipend should you purchase an item using this link.


  1. I can imagine how wonderful that sauce must have tasted!

  2. Replies
    1. And I think you could use any of the Not Ketchup flavors with great results.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to try this. My man loves filet mignon, too!

    1. Must be something in the testosterone that makes them crave beef!!

  4. What a delicious sauce!! My husband would love this!!!

    1. It turned out very well and I think any flavor of Not Ketchup would work as well

  5. Yum. What were Frank's thoughts on the Zip Sauce?

    1. He had no complaints at all. He ate his portion and the rest of mine LOL

  6. Sounds like a great sauce. Love me some filet mignon!

  7. After #TripleSBites, I want to order lots of Not Ketchup, Spicely, Acala, and many other sponsors' products for my pantry! I love this fig sauce, Wendy!

    1. You're not kidding Debra. This is the second flavor I have tried and both have been delicious!

  8. This sounds so amazing wendy - great choice!


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