Monday, February 23, 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook for February 23, 2015

You can join us. 
Just stop by and see Peggy.

Outside my Window.....The sun is shining but don't be decieved the temperature out there is -8* F.

I am Thinking.....that Little Miss loves being a little jumping bean. 

I am Thankful.....that my brother went in for his annual physical to learn that he needed triple bypass surgery and did not suffer a heart attack.

I am nightie, I am still sitting in bed with my cup of morning coffee.

I am Creating.....the menu for our After Dive Party we are hosting this Sunday afternoon.

I am Going.....nowhere today.  It is a good day to stay cuddled up by the fireplace with my book or in a warm toasty kitchen with the oven turned on.

I am Wondering.....If today would be a good day to work on my bread for #BreadBakers.

I am Reading.....still working on Winter of the World by Ken Follet.  I am about 2/3 done.  It is good but it is over 800 pages and I have not had much opportunity to sit quietly this past week.

I am get the gumption to go down to the coooooold basement and hop on the treadmill.

I am Learning.....again, as I do each Lent, that the soul is willing but the body is weak.

I am short life is and how important it is to spend time with those you love.

In my Kitchen.....we are having fried chicken for dinner tonight and I need to start thinking about what kind of cookies I should make for our Parish Fish Fry on Friday.

A Favorite Quote for Today..... Image result for hold close to those you love

One of my Favorite Things.....Sun sparkling on the snow.


  1. I love, love, love the quote. And the sweet picture of the baby. She is growing so fast. I am thankful your brother found out about his heart early. When is his surgery? Prayers for all of you. And stay warm my friend!

    1. Thanks Paula. His surgery is March 6th. This brother is 10 years older than I so he is nearing 70 but has been healthy all of his life so I am sure that he will be fine. I certainly appreciate the prayers and good thoughts.


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