Saturday, February 14, 2015

One if by Land......

Diving was canceled today due to a storm front.  Hopefully we will be able to get our last dives in tomorrow.  So we hiked the Quill today.  This is a dormant volcano that takes up a large part of the Island. It is 2000 ft to the top....I felt each and every one of them.

So here is our trip on land....

Our first view of the Island.

Walking up, up, up to town.

The view of our resort looking down from the road to town.

We visited the Historical Museum.

And Fort Oranje.
Statia was a big supporter of USA during the Revolutionary War.
All of our arms came through the port here and when we finally declared ourselves free with a salute of guns, Statia returned the salute being the first to acknowledge us as a free Country.

Hiking up 2000 feet to the rim of the Quill.

We made it!!

The gang on the rim, photo by Todd.

The gang on the rim, including Todd, photo by Micky.



  2. I want to be right there hiking along! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    1. It has been a great trip....hard to believe today is the last day.

  3. Looks like quite a hike! And what a fun-looking group.

    1. They are the best group in the world....they have become family to us.


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