Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just another day in Paradise.......

Yesterday was a very busy day.  We did 2 morning dives.  Rinsed off, walked into  up to town for lunch.  Town is about 500' above the street our hotel is on......straight take stairs part of the way and then the road is like a ramp that is at least a 45* lie....I am posting photos later.
After lunch we went on a night dive and then finally had dinner around 8:30 after which we walked back to our hotel and I almost instantly crashed until this morning when it was time to go diving again.

Today we had a little more time so we have done some exploring.....but more on that later.....I am still on yesterday's post LOL.

Our first dive was a wreck dive.  The name of the wreck is Chien Tong and it is almost completely intact.  It was a very interesting dive and I am excited to share it with you.

The first thing we saw as we were descending to the wreck were these 2 large Puffer Fish.

Here is one of them checking out our friend, Paul.
This gives you a little bit of an idea how large she was.

Then we found this lovely little lady resting on the bow of ship.
I think she thought the coral was hiding her.

And as we were checking out the bottom of the wreck this guy decided to take a swim with us.

After our surface interval we headed over to Barracuda Reef where we didn't see any Barracudas but we did see these wonderful creatures.

Eels....there were a lot of eels on this dive.
This little guy decided to pop his head out and say "Hey".

A Lion Fish.
Very beautiful but very deadly for the reef life in this part of the world.
They have no natural predators and they multiply very quickly eating all of our reef fish.
The divers have hunts for them and then eat them or sell them to restaurants.
They are delicious.

A multitude of Lobsters.
We even found a "family" of lobsters
There were about 5 of them all clustered together.
I have never seen that before.
Normally they are loners.

This is called a Flamingo Tongue.
It is very small and very pretty.
This photo does not do it justice.

And then we found this cute little guy.
He is also a puffer fish but when he puffs up all of those spines stick straight out to protect him.

Our night dive was also supposed to be on the Chien Tong where we were told we would see a lot of Hawkbill Turtles, Shark, Grouper and Octopus.  However a storm front was coming through and the current was not amenable to a dive at this site so we ended up at Blair's Reef.  We did see one shark but he was too far away to photo.  I was really rather disappointed with this dive.  I think mostly because I was so looking forward to diving the wreck again.  But we did see a couple of nice things that I am happy to share with you.

This spiny sea urchin is very cool.
Normally they are black.
I have never seen a white one before.
I don't know if it is really white or if shining the flashlight on it made it appear white.
I will have to research this.

And lastly, I will leave you with this beautiful Angel, to wish you a good night.


  1. Such beauty! I so wish I could do this one day! I think. I am pretty awful with being underwater. But the beauty is breathtaking


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