Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Menu for the Last Week of February

This is going to be another busy week in the Klik household, but we gotta eat...

Tonight we are having a Chinese New Year Celebration, you can see the menu here.  We are singing at 4 pm Mass and then people will come by afterwards.

Tomorrow, I am taking Mom Klik to play bingo.  We will have leftovers when I get home.

For Saturday's dinner, I needed lots of chicken breasts.  That means I have 3 chickens, sans breasts, left so lots of chicken meals this week.

On Wednesday's during Lent several of the area churches are getting together and sharing our faith and devotions.  Each week a different church will host a soup supper followed by a service.  Our church, because it is the largest, will host twice.  We have the first and the last Wednesdays of Lent, excluding Ash Wednesday, so this week we will be having soup and then will be singing at the service.

Thursday is choir and Friday is our Parish Fish Fry.

So here is the weekly menu, such as it is....stop back each day for photos and recipes and, of course, I will be sharing my menu at MPM with a lot of other great cooks!!

Saturday-Chinese New Year Celebration
See menu here-My Mother's Chinese Kitchen


Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes

Chicken Pot Pie

Soup Supper at Church

Grilled BBQ Pizza

Parish Fish Fry


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