Saturday, February 22, 2014

Around the World with the Weekly Menu

Tonight we are attending a Whitetails Unlimited banquet at our Knights of Columbus Hall. It should be a good time and it is for a good cause so I am looking forward to it.

Sunday our Aunt Irene is coming over and we are going to be making kruschicki and we are also making Lazy Pierogi as a side dish to our chicken, so we will visit Poland.

Our friends, the Wronas, were going to come for dinner but Frank is still feeling yucky and our schedules did not coincide.  Perhaps next month for a visit to Ireland and a St. Pat's dinner.

Monday night is yoga so I will have the Manicotti ready for Frank to put in the oven and I froze a loaf of the Italian Bread I made last week.  Perhaps we will open a bottle of Chianti while we visit Italy.

Try it Tuesday, I am back to making the pizza I had on the schedule a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday we are taking a trip to Germany.

Thursday we are going to the Caribbean.

And Friday we are stopping in Thailand.

Join us, won't you....there will be photos and recipes each day.

White Tail Dinner

Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables
Lazy Pierogi

Meatless Monday
Italian Bread

Try it Tuesday
Pizza Bake
Spinach Salad

Wiener Schnitzel
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Caribbean Spiced Ribs
French Fries
Cole Slaw

Fish Friday
Shrimp Pad Thai

Join us at MPM for more great menu ideas!!


  1. Dear Wendy, That you DO this is friggin' amazing. I don't know a single person
    for whom retirement has been so beneficial. I'm proud of you cuz......

  2. That looks like so much fun! Hope Frank is better soon!

    1. Thanks, I hadn't really planned it that way but when I was done making my menu I noticed that they were all foods from different cultures so I ran with it. Frank is feeling much better than he was but he is still hacking and sniffling.


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