Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Think I Can, I Think I Can.....

Today is List it Tuesday and as I pondered all the myriad of lists that I could post I tried to keep in mind that I really did not want to bore you out of your mind....nor did I want to list stuff just to list it....I wanted something relevant to me and also something that I hoped would inspire you.

Then I recalled that each year I have attempted to learn a new skill or visit a new place or attend a new class...Something that I can look back upon and know that the year was not for naught.

I haven't decided, yet,  what I will strive to do this year.  Perhaps listing things from previous years will inspire me.  This list is in no particular order.  Some of the ventures were successful, others not so much but they were all experiences that I had not tried before.  I think if you are not open to learning new things or having new experiences you grow stagnant and old.

  1. I took guitar lessons one year.  I actually even got some callouses on my fingers and then I thought perhaps playing the guitar is a God given gift and God didn't give it to me!!  I still have my guitar and every once in a while I consider taking lessons again.
  2. Scuba diving lessons....you have all heard about that continuing adventure, especially in the last couple of weeks.
  3. Painting class.  I never thought I could paint and now it is one of my great releases in life....I continue to take painting classes whenever possible.  I love them.
  4. Quilting class.  I am not very good but I do lose myself in the quilting projects.  There are some techniques that I would still like to learn so perhaps more classes in the future??
  5. Learning to land the airplane.  This was my goal last year and I have done it a couple of times with Frank's assistance, perhaps this year will be the year I land it completely on my own.
  6. Starting my small farm.  I started with laying hens, progressed to meat chickens to turkeys to pigs.
  7. Kayaking....it is fun and a good workout.
  8. Zip Lining...what a blast
  9. Parasailing....Thanks to my son, Chuck.
  10. Cross Country Skiing....I used to love that...we have tons of snow right now....I should be out there enjoying it.
There have been many, many more but in the interest of saving you from complete boredom, I will stop now and talk about the others at another time.  Have a wonderful, adventurous Tuesday.


  1. Wow! You have really done a lot of interesting things. I have done a single one of those things on your list. But then a lot of them are 'risky' and I am just not a risk taker. Wish I was! But I think being a risk-taker takes a certain amount of talent. You have had a fun life

    1. I am definitely an adrenaline junkie, Paula. I am sure that played a big part in my decision to have a career in law enforcement. I love that thrill of fear....

    2. And must be why I chose a career in nursing...LOL!


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