Friday, February 14, 2014

Under the Sea....

We got up early this morning and left the house before Nic and Pierre were stirring.  Today is going to be an extremely busy day for them since they are both in the service industry. I am sure we will be long to bed before they ever get home.

We drove down to Key Largo, arriving early so we stopped in the visitor center so the kids could get some ideas about what they would like to do on Sunday.  Then we went to the Dive Center,completed paperwork and picked up gear.  The owner of the dive shop suggested Mrs. Mac's for lunch so we did and it was very good.  While sitting there waiting for our food you could just see the trepidation on our kid's faces.

After lunch we went to the dock to wait for the crew to arrive.  We had about 15 minutes but the pelicans and cranes kept us amused.

I thought he was a statue, he was sitting so still.
Then I walked over to a fish cleaning station and there they all sat patiently waiting.
The two guys obviously wanted a closer view.
And this young lady was like the black sheep of the group.
But here were the strangest looking things I found hanging around the dock.
The crew finally arrived and some training while en route to the dive site.
Getting geared up.
And they are in the drink.
The descent.
And they are off.
Practicing Skills
Our family portrait.
Back to the boat.
Tomorrow there will be less school work and more of a pleasure dive so maybe we will get some pictures of fish.  Stay tuned.


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