Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Best Laid Plans.....

I am sitting here watching MORE snow fall upon the tons we already have.  It sure is beautiful from the inside looking out but I am more than ready for our trip to Key Largo!!

Yesterday certainly did not turn out at all like I had planned in the morning when I did my Weekly Menu.  To start with, Frank didn't get up until 10 am.  That is unheard of in this house.  If we sleep until 9 we feel like half the day is gone!!  Of course, we were up until nearly 1 am, so he really did not get that much sleep and he was really due for some shuteye because he is normally the one who gets up for puppy duty a couple of times a night. 

Fiona got me up at 5:30 went potty and we laid back down for another hour before she decided it was time for breakfast so that was it for my sleep. So when I had planned on going to the movies this morning I was wide awake but after singing at Mass and going out for dinner I was ready to get home and crash.

Another thing that changed our plans was that the butcher called and our 1/2 of a steer and the pig we kept for ourselves were ready to be picked up.  So we headed over and now our freezers are filled to the hilt!! The good thing is it gave us a chance to organize the freezers a bit.  The garage chest freezer is filled with beef except for the roasts for which there was no room.  So one quarter of our basement chest freezer has beef, while the rest contains pork and a small portion contains venison.  The refrigerator freezer in the garage is dedicated to freezer meals, prepared foods, etc.  The refrigerator freezer in the basement contains only chicken and the kitchen refrigerator freezer is mostly vegetables, nuts, frozen fruits, etc.  So now I know exactly where to go to look when I "shop" for my weekly menu.

Prepared meals

Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts

Pork, Venison and Beef Roasts


I changed the menu for our Klik family dinner from what I posted yesterday morning.  Now we are having Corn Chowder, Baked Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Baked Beans and Asparagus (because I bought too much for Friday night's dinner).  We are still having the Chocolate Bread Pudding with German Chocolate Sauce though.

We have John and Kirsten coming over for breakfast this morning so that they can take some of this pork off our hands and Kurt is stopping by this afternoon to take some pork and beef for their household.  We will also distribute some to the family when they leave today and I will take a cooler of meat to the food pantry on Tuesday.

Breakfast is Served

The best bacon ever!!

Blueberry pancakes anyone?

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