Friday, February 7, 2014


Here we are at 5 Minute Friday again.  Today's prompt is write.  Last week's prompt was Heroes and I started writing about one of my heroes and promptly ran out of time.  I had several requests to finish the story.  Well finishing the story will take a long while but I did continue with the story here

Today when I saw the prompt is Write I immediately thought that perhaps I should go back and Write about the same theme...continuing the thought, if you will.


It is amazing how much you need to learn being a cop assigned to road patrol.  Things that cannot possibly be taught in the Police Academy.  Things that you have to learn by experiencing them.  I was very fortunate to have gotten Frank as my first training officer.  Each day was spent responding to radio runs and learning the ropes.  Frank had a reputation of being everywhere at once.  No radio run was too far away or too mundane for him to jump on.  Frank also had a reputation of getting to where he needed to go FAST!!  Frank loved driving and was very good at it.  He was very impressed that I was able to write a police report as he drove to the next radio run.  I was the first partner he had ever had that could do so.  Not only due to the fast turns and quick lane changes but because they did not trust him enough to leave the driving to him and concentrate on anything else.  I trusted him implicitly.  I had never trusted anyone more in my life nor have I found anyone that I can trust as much as I trust him to this day.


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