Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whew...What a Wednesday!!

I got up early this morning and put the stew into the crockpot because I knew I had to hit the door running....

The first thing this morning was a doctor appointment with a new doctor in this area.  Yes, we have lived here nearly twelve years and I have still been travelling an hour both ways for doctors, dentists, etc.  I decided it was time to find those services here in this area so I stopped last week at a doctor's office that worked out of the hospital I like to use and made an appointment.

Last week I went and got my hair cut but I still did not put any color in because I wanted to see how I liked it natural with the gray coming in.  Well, when I got home Frank very nicely suggested that I go back to putting color in my hair LOL.  So that was my next stop today.  I think Frank is very happy.

From there I had to stop at  Meijer to pick up perishables for the food pantry as I was doing distributions from 3-6 pm.  On the way home I called Frank to put the biscuits into the oven and I walked in the door to the wonderful aroma of fresh baked biscuits and stew.  I was starving!!

Now I am relaxing with a glass of wine.  Have a good night all.


  1. Show us a picture of the new color!

    1. Same color but without the gray. I will have Frank take a pic of me making my chips for dinner tonight so you can see.


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