Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's gonna be a "pooder dooder" kind of day

When my siblings and I were young and raising our families we were, like most young couples, BROKE!
So our entertainment each weekend was to all meet at the Folk's house and play cards while the youngest sibling, Dawn, who was closer to the kids ages than ours, would entertain our children.

The Folks always seemed happy to entertain us.  Pops always made sure there was beer on hand and Mom always cooked up a big pot of Chili, Soup or Stew.  If it were summertime there were hotdogs and hamburgers for on the grill, or maybe they would just order a party tray pizza or two.

It was always a good time and all the cousins became very close because they spent so much time together.
When my nephew was being potty trained, he interrupted our card game to let his mom know that he had to go "pooder dooder".  So that is the common name now for having a bowel movement in this family.  None of us just go to the bathroom...we all are going "pooder dooder".

Tomorrow, I am scheduled for a colonoscopy.  Five years late but at least I am doing it now, right??

So starting at 3 pm.  These are things I have to take.

And all day long, these are the things I am allowed to eat and drink.
I can have coffee also...Thank God!!
It says I can have white grape juice and it does not say I can't have alcohol hmmmm....
Perhaps some white wine this evening???
I'll have to google that LOL.


  1. Had mine in Dec 2013..... first time. You will not be hungry if you drink broth and lots of CLEAR liquid.

    The uncomfortable part is the cleansing of the same day of procedure.

    Make sure you start drinking that stuff MANY hours b4 you go to hospital. I kept my drink at my bedside and drank out of a pyrex cup. (Measurements). My liquid drink was very salty. Some people tell me their drink was flavored. Stay close to bathroom, because you will be running in their I'd say every 10 minutes. I feels like you are having diarrhea attacks. Not painful, just unpleasant. Also stuff your underwear with someone absorbent while enroute to hospital.

    The procedure was a piece of cake. I remember nothing.....zzzzzzzz.
    No pain, but a little gas afterward, because they blow air into the rectum.

    I wanted to be blunt, but felt I needed to share............. Proud of you Lovely, Rita . xo

  2. NO don't stuff your underwear with SOMEONE, I meant SOMETHING. OMG I am cracking myself up.

    1. That was God punishing you for your slap a coat of paint on that tree comment. LOL.


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