Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finish this.....

1. I will never outgrow....  Being taken care of.  I spend a lot of my day taking care of others and I love my life.  I have no complaints.  But one of the things that helps me to be able to do this is that when Frank is around, he takes care of me.  I love knowing that he will take my car up and fill it with gas so I don't have to, make sure the oil is changed and that it is given a bath.  I love that he gets up each morning, makes the coffee and brings me a cup in bed.  I love having my wine poured, my doors opened, my bags carried and my chair pulled out.  I love being taken care of.

2. I splurge on...  Everything.   I am about the least thrifty person I know.  I don't shop very often but when I do I sometimes don't even look at price tags.  Luckily whenever we are looking for big ticket items Frank goes with me and he does look at price tags. 
3. My worst habit is...  Multitasking.  I am very bad at just concentrating on one thing.  As I write this I am blogging, watching a show on tv and doing laundry.  I know that this sometimes prevents me from doing things as well as I could.
4. My passport represents... Scuba Diving.  I know this will come as a surprise but I LOVE scuba diving and I have been lucky enough to go to many different countries to jump into their seas.

5. My most ridiculous fear is...  Having to put Mom into a nursing home.  I don't think this is ridiculous.  I just think that sometimes my fear that I may have to one day do this prevents me from being honest with myself about her condition.  I fear that I may not allow her to get the proper care that she will need if/when the time comes for me to have no choice but to place her into a strangers care or lots of strangers as the case may be.

My favorite thing to give is...  Prayers.  This is the best thing I can offer to others.  This is the thing I know will always help, during happy times, sad times, good times and bad times.  Prayer is always appropriate and needed.


  1. Almost teared up at this one. David does the EXACT things for me as Frank does for you. About your mom. Don't worry about the future, it is not here yet. God will lead you... xo RITA

  2. I loved every bit of this!! The pictures are awesome. Your Frank is so handsome and I am so happy that he takes such good care of you. Those are the things I miss most about Richard having this ass-kicking Parkinson's disease. I worry too about having to put him into a home. I know I can take care of him better, but the cost is prohibitive and what it will do to our finances scares me to death!


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