Friday, February 28, 2014

A Love Story

I finished reading "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" by Helen Simonson.   I enjoyed it.  It is a touching love story in which the protagonists are middle aged and widowed when they find each other.  It is well written without all the silliness and romance of a love story involving young people. It is rare to find a love story featuring people my age.  It was a quiet, comfortable relationship without all the emotional drama normally found in love stories.  The book spoke not only on a more mature relationship but also on a relationship where you are melding two very different cultures and religions.  It spoke of the bias and ignorance with which they had to deal among their family and friends.  I was impressed with the quiet strength and determination they showed without giving in to anger and resentment.  If you are looking for a fast paced, exciting book...this is not it, but if you want a nice read with which to curl up by a fire...grab it.

   I have now started reading "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel.  I have only just read the introduction but I think I am going to find it intersesting.  Lee Strobel was an attorney turned investigative crime reporter for a large newspaper.  He was a self-proclaimed atheist who was on a mission to learn more about Christianity when his wife found the Lord.  He handled this much the same way he handled all his other studying the evidence. I am anxious to see what he discovered and how he analyzed the "case".  It feels very comfortable to me with my police background.

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