Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chinese Celebration and Superbowl Sunday

It is February, that means a new monthly goal to meet in the 12 Months to a Healthier You Challenge.

Last month's challenge was to incorporate more exercise into your schedule so I joined my kickboxing class which I thoroughly enjoy.

This month's challenge is to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I love vegetables and fruits so this should be a piece of cake right??  There in lies the problem, piece of cake.....I love my sweets too.  So my goal for this month is to have a piece of fruit and or some veggies before I grab a sweet snack.  If I still want the sweet snack AFTER I eat the fruit/veggie, I will allow myself to have it, but I will not allow myself to have it INSTEAD OF the fruit and or vegetable.  Wish me luck.

Today is our Chinese New Year Celebration.  When we got home from Mass, we headed right down to the basement to decorate and set the table.

I used the Lucky Money Bags as seat  place settings.
Each bag contained golden coins and nuggets.
Tingting, of course was the guest of honor.

Here is a complete place setting.

And the table all set and ready for dinner.
In the background you can see the Chinese lanterns.

This released my mind and body to concentrate on prepping the food.  All of these dishes take just moments to cook and serve but only after a lot of prep work.  Join me, you will see what I mean....

All my food is prepped.

A quick boil or stir fry and the dishes will be ready to serve.

The guests began to arrive.  Linda and Greg were all dressed for the occasion

Frank, of course, made a special cocktail for the occasion.

Each dish has a special meaning and is traditional to serve for Chinese Lunar New Year.  I explained each dish as I brought them out and served them.

After dinner we all went out and made wishes before we let our hot air balloons sail away into the sunset.

Amy and Doug are nearly ready.
First Doug has to empty the snow out of his shoe.

John and Kirsten are making a wish.

Ting and Tony are figuring it out.

Dick and Jackie are having a good time.

Ting and Tony have it!!

Jackie and Frank are very happy that their wishes are coming true.

And off they go.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!


  1. What a fun party. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for including us Wendy.
      Who would of ever thought we would be celebrating Chinese New Year. I loved all the dishes, and the company. I guess we should thank Ting Ting for loving you and Frank, and staying with you well after her exchange program. She really is part of our family now.You did a fantastic job!!!,Love love you guys!!!


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