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Harvey Wallbanger for Shoulder Season

 This iconic cocktail was all the rage in the 1970's.  I remember my folks enjoying them but I was still too young to partake and by the time I was old enough they were no longer in fashion.

Harvey Wallbangers

I was reminded of this cocktail while reading Shoulder Season when vacationing in Cabo earlier this month.  When we got home, Frank looked up the recipe and we toasted having the resources to go on a wonderful vacation and having a perfect home to which to return........
Shoulder Season

I actually won this novel quite a while back from The Book Club Cookbook.  When I was getting ready to go on vacation I went to my shelf of books waiting to be read and thought this would be a perfect beach read.  I was right.

This is a coming of age story of a young girl, Sherri, who was raised in a small town in Wisconsin.  Her father passed away when she was young and she spent her teenage years caregiving to her ailing mother who died as she was graduating high school.

With no family and no means of support, Sherri accompanies a friend who is applying for a job as a Playboy Bunny.  Yes, evidently Hugh Hefner had a club in Wisconsin of all places.

Sherri gets the job and we are given a behind the scenes look at what is required to be a Playboy is not the glamorous, easy lifestyle that one may have thought.  We also get to know the other girls who have chosen this line of work and their reasons for doing so.  

I did have to keep reminding myself how young Sherri was and how sheltered due to the fact that all hours outside of high school were spent at home with her mother.  Sherri never got to make all the stupid mistakes that high school girls make as they are maturing so she made them all during the years that she worked as a bunny.

It was an interesting read.  It kept my interest, yet was able to be put down when it was time to visit with the others who were vacationing with me.  

Harvey Wallbanger Pin

I would recommend both the novel and the cocktail especially if, like me, you graduated high school in the 70's.  It is sure to bring back some nostalgia.

I am sharing this post over at Foodies Read.  Stop by and see what the others have read this month. 

Cocktails, Drinks, Vodka, Orange Juice
Yield: 1 cocktail
Author: Wendy Klik
Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

This iconic cocktail was all the rage in the 1970's. A vodka and Oj with a float of Galliano it is a refreshing and fun blast from the past.
Prep time: 3 MinTotal time: 3 Min


  • 1 1/4 ounces vodka
  • 1/2 ounce Galliano liqueur
  • 3 ounces orange juice
  • Citrus slice for garnish, if desired
  • Maraschino cherry for garnish, if desired


  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add the vodka and orange juice
  3. Float the Galliano on top.
  4. Garnish with an orange or lemon slice and maraschino cherry, if desired.

Nutrition Facts



Fat (grams)


Sat. Fat (grams)


Carbs (grams)


Fiber (grams)


Net carbs


Sugar (grams)


Protein (grams)


Sodium (milligrams)


Cholesterol (grams)



  1. Harvey Wallbangers were huge when I was in college.... I remember those tall bottles of Galiano. I hear tiki drinks are all the rage again.

    1. Oh to be young again Karen...everything old is now being discovered all over again.


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