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Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies #SundayFunday #FoodnFlix

These almond flavored coconut macaroons topped with a kiss are so good that you are going to have to hide some away if you want any left to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.......

Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies

Join the Sunday Funday group as we share Cookies for Santa........
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I am hosting Sunday Funday this month and I asked the others to join me in putting out cookies for Santa Claus.  Let's see what treats Santa has in store for him.......

Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies

I was inspired to make Macaroons after watching our FoodnFlix selection for this month chosen by Debra of Eliot's Eats.

the Holiday Movie
I had not seen this film before although it came out for the holidays in 2006.  It has an all star cast including Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Jude Law.  We put this on Thanksgiving evening after dinner.  It is a fun rom com that, like all rom com's should, has a very happy ending. 

Iris and Amands are both suffering the holiday doldrums having had their relationships fall apart.  They decide they need to get away and remake themselves for the new year.  They switch houses and lifestyles for two weeks.  Iris lands in LA at a palatial mansion with everything money can buy.  Amanda leaves all her unhappiness that money couldn't fix and ends up in a quaint little cottage in a small little town.

There was quite a bit of food inspiration but one of my favorite scenes was when Iris has her lonely, elderly, Jewish neighbor, well actually Amanda's neighbor, and some of his friends over for Hanukkah Dinner.

As they are leaving one of them mentions how much he loved the cookies, especially the chocolate covered macaroons.


Now I knew that I was making Cookies for Santa.  I knew what kind of cookies I wanted to make inspired by this film so the next step was finding a recipe for Macaroons.

I went to my cookbook shelves and pulled down this Hershey's Cookbook.  This is one of my go to cookbooks that I've had since 1974 and use whenever I want to find a perfect chocolate recipe.  The index showed one recipe for Macaroons and they sounded delicious.  Not only that BUT they were also topped with a kiss......perfect for a rom com inspired cookie and to show Santa our love for him!!

Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies pin

If you are a food blogger and would like to join our Sunday Funday group we would love to have you.  Stop by our Facebook page and let us know.   If you would like to join in with FoodnFlix this month you have lots of time.  You can learn how at Debra's Invitation Post.

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Yield: 36 cookies
Author: Wendy Klik
Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies

Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies

These almond flavored coconut macaroons topped with a kiss are so good that you are going to have to hide some away if you want any left to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.......
Prep time: 10 MinCook time: 12 MinTotal time: 22 Min


  • 1/3 c. butter, room temperature
  • 1 (3 oz) pkg. cream cheese, room temperature
  • 3/4 c. granulated sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 t. almond extract
  • 2 t. brandy
  • 1 1/4 c. flour
  • 2 t. baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 (5 oz) pkg. unsweetened flaked coconut, divided
  • 36 chocolate kisses, unwrapped


  1. In large bowl of stand mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together the butter, cream cheese and sugar.  Add the egg yolk, almond extract and brandy, beating well.
  2. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt. With the mixer on low speed gradually add the flour mixture until well combined.  Add 3 scant cups of the coconut and stir to combine.  Place the remaining coconut into a shallow dish and set aside. 
  3. Using a small cookie scoop, roll the dough into 1" balls.  Roll the balls in the reserved coconut and place onto an ungreased cookie sheet.  Flatten with a fork and bake in a preheated 350* oven for about 12 minutes, until bottoms are golden brown.
  4. Remove from oven, top each with a kiss, and return to oven for 15 second.  Carefully remove to a wire rack for cooling.


Adapted from a recipe found in Hershey's Chocolate and Cocoa Cookbook.



Fat (grams)


Sat. Fat (grams)


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Net carbs


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Protein (grams)


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  1. Genius! Perfect idea. I'm having a bit of a quandary as to what to make. I'm trying to come up with something that would be at a traditional English holiday. Haven't heard from Cam so you might be first up this time! :)

    1. Thanks Debra and thanks for hosting this month. I had not seen this film before and enjoyed it.

    2. Haha! I think I posted just a few hours after Wendy. But, that was because I decided to watch it again...just for kicks. ;) I love these cookies, Wendy. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Thanks Camilla. Loving your marshmallows too. I only saw the photo on facebook with no link. On the way to read your review.

  2. Oh I love that movie!! What a perfect holiday cookie - love that these have a macaroon base! I would have a hard time sharing these ones.

  3. Love, love, love the movie! One of my faves! And the cookies...I'd definitely eat a bunch of those suckers!!!

  4. What a perfect combination! I need to make a batch for my dad.

  5. That cookbook sounds like a real treasure! Chocolate and macaroons are so good together.

  6. The Hershey's cookbook is a real classic! I don't think I have a copy any more, but I don't bake much. The cookies look beautiful.

    be safe... mae at

  7. It is never too late for Christmas cookies, right? I might have to make a batch of these this weekend.

    1. Any cookie can be a Christmas cookie and any Christmas cookie can be an every day cookie.

  8. Love these Macaroon Cookies. It looks delicious and very perfect for the movie! I would like to try it.


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