Monday, December 28, 2020

Happy 4th Day of Christmas and the Weekly Menu

Today is the 4th day of the 12 days that we celebrate Christmas.  I shared my menus for the first and second day of Christmas with you in this post.   

Four Calling Birds Cartoon
On the 3rd Day of Christmas we had leftover ham and leftover butternut squash lasagna.  
Today, the 4th day, is the day we talk about 4 calling birds.  I had some chicken breasts that I had taken out of the freezer before Christmas Day.  They needed to be used, perfect for a day celebrating birds.

Most of this weeks menu will concentrate on finishing up all the leftovers that are in the refrigerator from our Christmas feasts.  On New Years Eve we will be having dinner with Frank's brother and sister in law as they serve up their annual spaghetti dinner.  

Do you celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas or is your tree already at the curb and all your gifts put away?  Our Christmas doesn't end until January 6th so we have a lot of celebrating left to do.  Merry Christmas to you and yours along with a wish for a happy and healthy 2021.

Leftover Ham
Leftover Squash Lasagna

Chicken Nuggets
Leftover Cheesy Potatoes
Cole Slaw

Taco Tuesday 
Mexican Ham and Bean Soup (using leftover ham)

Beef Pho (using leftover beef tenderloin)
Asian Rice Salad with Matcha Ginger Dressing

Thursday-New Years Eve
Dinner at Dan and Rebecca's

Fish Friday-New Years Day
Crab Napoleon
Pasta with Tuna and White Beans


  1. We were going to put up a real tree this year, but in the delay of dividing the house between my cats and Sarah's dog and figuring out where to put the thing, every lot between here and Timbuktu is out of trees. Other than Sarah staying here with us while she settles in a new home (she split up) we are not entertaining or going out. We didn't do any big meals with the three of us, but are doing comforting foods we all like- appies, ramen soups (not packets), things like curries, and naughty fried chicken, and several pasta meals. It's all still festive, but quiet here. Happiest of holidays to you guys! <3

  2. I am curious about the Mexican Ham and beans

    1. I got off schedule because Frank had a minor stroke and is in the hospital but this is dinner tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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