Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Teen is Fifteen!!

So something amazing happened Thursday.  The Teen turned Fifteen.  It was a quiet day, spent putting together her birthday gift and going out to B Dubs for her Birthday Dinner. 

Then last night, the celebration began........

I think she had a very happy first birthday with us and her new extended family.......

Kirsten's Mom, Grandma Carolyn, even got in on the action trying out the Teen's birthday present.

A good time was had by all.

This morning, Marissa is being picked up by Leah, who was her CPS caseworker and the only constant in Marissa's life for many years.  Leah helped us immensely through the adoption process and is now included in our extended family.  She and Marissa are going shopping because Marissa hit the birthday jackpot yesterday and she's excited to continue her birthday celebration.

This afternoon we will attend Mass.  After dinner we are heading over to John and Kirsten's.  Both of their sons are coming home today.  Tomorrow they will be celebrating the marriage of their youngest who is stationed in Japan and is home to introduce his new bride to the extended family.  John and Kirsten got to spend time with her when they visited Okinawa prior to the marriage.  

We will not be able to attend the party as we are leaving at the crack of dawn on a road trip.  First stop, Gettysburg, which is a 10 hr drive.  That means, for us, a 13 hr. drive because I like to stop, sightsee, and stretch my legs every couple of hours.  

We have a driving tour of Gettysburg scheduled for Monday morning.  After lunch we will head to our son, Chuck's.  He is making dinner for us and then we have a full week of fun ahead of us...Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach, 4th of July celebrations, etc.  

Saturday morning we will head back towards home, stopping to see our friend Kim and Keith who live in Pennsylvania.  We will spend the night with them and head home after brunch on Sunday morning.  It should be a wonderful vacation  and I can't wait to spend time with dear family and friends.

The Blog will not be on vacation....Tomorrow we celebrate Hot Dogs.  When on vacation in Arizona last January, I was introduced to Sonoran Hot Dogs.  You are going to love them.

Monday will find this blog in a pickle as we celebrate All Things Pickled.  Wednesday I have a unique recipe using our favorite summer fruit, watermelon.  In between, I will be sharing snippets of our trip so please stop by each day and say hello.

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  1. Happy 15th Birthday Marissa!����������
    Have a great week!


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