Sunday, June 9, 2019

Blue Lemonade #OurFamilyTable

This refreshing and beautiful cocktail is perfect to serve at your next BBQ or Pool Party.

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My husband, Frank, is the cocktail creator in this relationship.  I asked him to make me a Senstational Summer Cocktail and in a few moments he came back and handed me this winning combination.  It is delicious.  I was a little bit sad that he hit it out of the ballpark the first try.  Normally I get at least two cocktails as he tweaks the recipe LOL.  

Coming up with a name was pretty easy this time around as well.  All the stars aligned and we enjoyed our summer cocktail.....inside though because, of course, it was storming again when Frank made these for us.

Let's see what Sensational Summer Cocktails the others are sharing today........

Sensational Summer Cocktails

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Yield: 1 cocktail
Author: Wendy Klik

Blue Lemonade

This refreshing and beautiful cocktail is perfect to serve at your next BBQ or Pool Party.
prep time: 3 Mcook time: total time: 3 M


  • 1 jigger coconut rum
  • 1/2 jigger blue curacao
  • lemonade
  • lemon slice (optional)
  • maraschino cherry (optional)


How to cook Blue Lemonade

  1. Fill a glass with ice.  Add the rum and curacao to the glass.  Fill with lemonade.  Stir and serve.  Garnish with a lemon slice and maraschino cherry, if desired
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  1. I love the color! This would work so well for a Rd, White and Blue holiday like the 4th of July!

  2. Love this creation. Congrats Frank!

  3. What a fun recipe! I love the blue color, perfect for a pool day.

  4. My favorite cocktail at a place Richard and I frequented years ago was called Blue Hawaiian. Frank's cocktail looks delicious.

  5. Each year I make a drink for my front porch. Maybe I should let your husband do it for me this year. This Blue Lemonade would be a contender for sure!

  6. What a colorful and summery looking cocktail!


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