Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Coconut Ciroc Martini #NationalMartiniDay

Are you a Martini lover?  I must admit that if you are talking about a traditional Martini, made with Gin, Vermouth and an olive garnish....not so much.  I thought changing the Gin to Vodka might help but I didn't like that any better.

Luckily the term "Martini" has evolved over the years to include just about anything served up in a Martini glass.  This makes it possible for me to join in celebrating National Martini Day with the Festive Foodies group.

 When Liz of Books n' Cooks invited us to celebrate National Martini Day I jumped right in.  After all what is more perfect than starting off a nice dinner with a Martini or ending the dinner with one for that matter.

Frank has conjured up lots of Martini's over the years. There have been some that were more successful than others but none quite as successful and requested as often as this Milky Way Martini that he made up when I was having a gathering together for a home party when my friend, Karen, was selling Origami Owl.

In this household we not only offer Martini's as Cocktails but I have even served up these Shrimp Martinis where the shrimp are marinated in traditional Gin Martini ingredients.

For today's Martini, I kept it very simple.  One of my favorite Vodkas is Ciroc, which is made from grapes rather than potatoes as most Vodkas.  One day, Frank brought home a bottle of Coconut Ciroc that he found while at the liquor store.  I fell completely in love.  I have never used this Coconut Ciroc in a mixed drink, I use coconut rum for that as it is much less expensive.

There is really no recipe for this.

  • Just fill a Martini Shaker with ice
  • Add the Coconut Ciroc
  • Shake until well chilled 
  • Pour it into a chilled Martini glass
If you have a pineapple in the house it makes a cute little garnish.  You could even add a splash of Pineapple Juice if you would like.

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  1. I love a straight forward drink, and this sounds so good. I love coconut!

  2. How easy is that!!! P.S. I am a gin girl. =)

    1. What??!!! We are not on the same page on something? How can that be? LOL

  3. I'll have to check out that Coconut Ciroc - I'm totally a coconut girl, and love the idea of not having to make extra dishes to enjoy a good cocktail :-)


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