Monday, December 26, 2016

Countdown to 2017: Best Appetizers and Snacks

Our friend, Sarah, of Fantastical Sharing of Recipes, is hosting the Countdown to the New Year once again this year.  This is a fun little event where we share our favorite recipes of the year by category. This year we are starting with Best Appetizers and Snacks. 

Last year we started with the same category.  You can see my favorite apps and snacks from 2015 right here.  In Countdown to 2015 we started with Breakfasts.  These countdowns are a lot of fun for us as we walk down memory lane and we hope for our readers as they are reminded of recipes they had hoped to make and didn't find the time.

You can tell I raise laying hens... I served several egg appetizers this past year, including a Jalapeno Popper Deviled Egg from a recipe that I got during an SRC challenge when I was assigned our host, Sarah's, blog.  Sarah was also the host of #FantasticalFoodFight where I posted this Polish Deviled Egg recipe.  I also posted a Deviled Egg Guac recipe in a #GuacSquad Challenge.

Seafood is also a big seller around here.  I served two different crab dips, a spicy version and a milder baked version.  I also served up some Shrimp Balls and Oysters Casino.

We love cheese, whether in a fondue, surrounded by olives or stuffed into cherry tomatoes like these little BLT bites.

Of course, if you have a hankering for carbs there is always Spinach Pie, Crostini and Chicken Puffs.

Last, but not least, I shared several different salsas that can be thrown together in a snap and served along with chips for an easy and tasty snack.  Don't forget the margaritas!!

Now let's see what apps and snacks the others have to share.


  1. Oh, that Jalapeño Popper Deviled Egg has my name written all over it!!!

  2. I love the way you put this together. You definitely have some amazing appetizers here. Now that I'm on a deviled egg kick, I'm going to have to try yours!

  3. Your apps look so good! Definitely making g those deviled eggs!

  4. I like how you are doing a round up!

    1. Thanks Paula, I can't take credit for the idea...I just joined in the fun.

  5. There are several here I need to make, the Shrimp Balls, the Chicken Puffs, not to mention the Crostini and ... Maybe even the oysters.

  6. That collection makes you quite the perfect host for a party!


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