Friday, December 30, 2016

The Celebrations Continue.....our Weekly Menu for the last week of the 12 Days of Christmas

Are you still celebrating Christ's birthday at your house?  Our celebrations, parties and fun continue right up to the Feast of the Three Kings or Epiphany on January 6th.

Tonight we are going out to dinner and a movie with our friends, Kim and Kurt.  They are treating us to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, The MC Fish Company, and then we are treating them to popcorn and the movie Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Tomorrow we are going for an early dinner to Frank's brother's house.  Each NYE our sis in law, Rebecca, makes a wonderful spaghetti dinner to welcome in the New Year.  We plan on coming home and having a quiet evening enjoying time with just the two of us.  Last year I was home taking care of Mom and Frank was at his sister's taking care of his Mom so this year we are going to enjoy our time together.

Sunday is supposed to be a beautiful day so Frank has asked me out on a lunch date.  We are flying somewhere....he hasn't told me where yet.

Monday evening we are having our family Christmas Dinner.  All of the kids will be here except for Chuck and we will give him a call during the evening's celebrations.

Tuesday morning I am going for a mani/pedi to get ready for the CA trip on Saturday.  Tuesday afternoon we are taking lunch to Frank's  Aunt Irene.  She is not as steady as she used to be and I will be going over each Tuesday afternoon so that she can have someone nearby while she showers. Tuesday night we have choir practice because we are having a Christmas Concert on Thursday evening.

Friday Jen, Lili and Danielle are all spending the night as we will be leaving early Saturday for our trip.  Can't wait!!

So here is the Weekly Menu.  All of the leftovers have been used so we get to start fresh.

Spaghetti at Dan and Rebecca's.

Late Lunch out

Monday-Family Dinner
Individual Lobster Pot Pies
Bean Soup with Ham
Chopped Salad
Oven Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Root Vegetables
Cheesecake by Pierre


Chicken Stir Fry
Steamed Rice

Dinner out before Choir Concert

Pizza and Salad 


  1. We are now at the age where we are the caregivers to the elderly, aren't we? You are having a quiet NYE at home??? YaY! I will be picking Harley up from work and she, Paige, and I will welcome in the New Year. Happy New Year's Wendy!

  2. Ooh! How was Passengers? I keep thinking that looks good and I love Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

    1. I really enjoyed it is a love story and had me hooked from the get go.


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