Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Weekly Menu before Christmas 2016

Our dinner party last night was a great success.  I love getting together with friends who have become family.  I am so fortunate that God has blessed me with such great family....those I was born to....those that I married into (both times) and those who are the family of my heart.

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It is going to be a crazy busy week around I'm sure it is at your homes as well.  Tonight, we are going to a Christmas gathering at the Bendas.  I am bringing a Bean Salsa that has been on my to make list since last winter when our friend, Bob, brought it to one of the dive parties.  I also had some pork leftover from the Crown Roast last night so I thinly sliced it and put it in the slow cooker with some BBQ sauce and am bringing that, as well, with little Kings Hawaiian Rolls to make sliders.

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Tomorrow we are going to see the Musical about Carole King, Beautiful, with John and Kirsten.  I love Carole King's music.  Her Tapestry album was one of the first I ever purchased and I listened to it for hours on end.  I am looking forward to the show and we will go out for dinner afterwards.

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Monday, I will be spending the day prepping for the Christmas Basket Distribution for the Food Pantry which is taking place on Wednesday.  I am just going to throw together some chili for our dinner that night.

Tuesday is our Choir party.  This is the first year in 15 years that we are not hosting the party.  Our friend's Steve and Sharon are hosting this year.  I am bringing Mac and Cheese for the Potluck.

Wednesday we will go out and grab dinner after the distribution of Christmas Baskets.  Thursday we have our Little Miss.  I am going to make Beef and Noodles using the bones from the Prime Rib Roast that I had put in the freezer.  Melody loves noodles in any way, shape or form.

Friday we will be running around getting ready for Christmas Day Breakfast and Dinner and picking up any last minute gifts that still need to be bought.  I am sure we will be eating on the fly.

Have a safe and happy week before Christmas as you prepare for the coming of our Lord.

Saturday-Potluck at Bendas
Bean Salsa and chips
BBQ pork sliders

Out for dinner after theatre

Corn Bread

Tuesday-Choir Potluck
Mac and Cheese

Dinner out after Food Pantry

Beef and Noodles

Dinner out while running errands


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