Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts

I was awake early this morning and headed down to work on the baby's quilt but before I could get started I got a phone call from my Amy.

I have all the scrappy squares done.
Now it is time to add the edging.

Last night, Amy's house that she is renting to Ting and Tony, was one of hundreds in our area to have flooded due to the torrential storms we are having.  This morning, Amy was trying to locate a carpet cleaner to come out, remove the water and place fans and dehumidifiers in the basement to dry it out. Being as she was one of hundreds calling she was having no luck.  We did not have any flooding up where we live so I called the guy we always use and he was able to help us out.  Amy and Tony were both working and Ting had a doc appointment so I headed down to meet up with the carpet cleaner.
While he was working I grabbed some photos of the baby's nursery at their house.

Both nurseries are ready and waiting now we just need a baby!!  The doc said everything is going along perfectly and she thinks we will be blessed with our little bundle of joy in about 7 weeks per schedule.

Speaking of babies, our turkeys are one week old now and starting to escape from their pool in the garage so we moved them into their coop in the yard.  For right now, they will have to stay indoors but as soon as they get the rest of their feathers they will be allowed to go out into their yard.

You can see how quickly they grow.
You can see them at 1 day of age here.

This is a close up so you can see that they are starting to get some feathers on their wings.
Probably another couple of weeks and they will be completely feathered.

As we were sitting here in the living room watching more rain this afternoon, Fiona suddenly started barking like crazy.  Frank looked out and saw a snapper walking towards the front pond.  This is not a good thing.  Not only do the snappers delete our fish population but one of them took a chunk out of Buddy boy's chest a couple of years ago and all I could think is "what if that had been one of the greats little toes when they were hunting frogs or fishing out there".  So now, whenever we see a snapper in our yard we dispose of it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Frank went out and took care of business.  Now our friend, Cindy, is on the way over to pick it up.  She will clean it, butcher it and present us with some of the meat to be used for turtle soup.  I have never made nor had turtle soup before but I understand it is delicious and Cindy has been cleaning and cooking snappers since she was a kid so I know that it will be processed correctly and the meat I get back will be better than any I could buy.  I will ask her for a recipe and will be posting it along with the results...stay tuned.

He is a big, nasty guy...I am glad we found him before he made it to the pond.


  1. EGADS that is a big turtle. I think I will pass on turtle soup. Sounds kind of yucky to me. But I will be anxious to see what you think. I have been thinking about you and all the rain that I am hearing you are getting in Michigan. Prayers to all!

    1. Thanks Paula..so far the worst for our family was the little bit of flooding at my daughter's house and it wasn't that bad, no standing water, just wet carpet.

  2. baby quilts, turkeys and turtle soup...I do so look forward to your days! I am so glad you aren't getting the worst of the flooding - I've been wondering as I watch the news. Can't wait to see the finished quilt - looks like it's going to be perfect. And I will read your turtle soup recipe but I will not make it...I just can't imagine. I'm so suburban!

    1. It came back last night but I just put it in the freezer because I had dinner planned for tonight and we are leaving in the morning. Next week I will pull it out and we will see how it is. I have never tried it before either. Cindy just fries hers up like chicken nuggets so I might try it like that also.

  3. Did the water come as high as it was on the door, or did it just wick up there, I hope.... *bites nails*. Floods are terrible.

    Cajuns, who eat everything that hops, crawls or flies, according the a movie, would probably be able to help out for turtle recipes.

    1. The damage wasn't too bad Zippi....I have been doing recipe searches...I'll let you know what I find.


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