Friday, August 22, 2014

Michigan+Washington=Lots of Blog Lovin'

A while ago I told you about a new club I had joined called Local Flavors Swap, in which we are assigned a blogger who lives in another state or country (I guess) and we swap stuff that showcases our local area.

I love, love, love living in Michigan.  We travel quite a bit and we have seen a lot of beautiful places but I still think Michigan is right there in the top 10 for beauty.  But even if it were ugly as sin (and I am glad it is not), I still wouldn't want to go anywhere else because 90% of the people I love are here and the other 10% are scattered everywhere so I couldn't possibly choose anywhere else.

So I was very excited and pleased to be sharing Michigan with my new friend, Jennifer of Inner Workings of the Female Mind.  Jennifer lives in Washington State, loves soccer, high heels and reading.  She is a newlywed with an adorable Goldendoodle.  Jennifer's birthday is in August  and she was married in August just a few years ago.  My birthday is also in August and I love to read so we have those things in common.

Jennifer and I started sending emails to each other as well.  It was nice to make a new friend out here in blogland.

I quickly found some wonderful things to share with Jennifer.  These are things that I would love to receive which is one of the guidelines when joining the swap.  I hoped and prayed that Jennifer would like them and I eagerly awaited my package from her.

I found some wonderful soap made from goat's milk locally as well as a cool mitten ornament that is made in a neighboring city.  I put in some apple chips and blueberry preserves from Northern Michigan and a book about Michigan because I know Jennifer loves to read.  I also threw in some of my homemade pear butter, grape jelly and spiced pickled beets because after all it is her birthday and anniversary month.

On Thursday, August 21, I received my package from Jennifer.  I was very excited...this being my first swap and all and I couldn't wait to dig into it and see what I had gotten.  I am the same way at Christmas and on my birthday.  I love getting gifts and if I know someone has one for me it drives me crazy until I can convince them to give it to me.

Join me and see what wonderful goodies I got.  

The first thing I did was remove and read the letter from Jennifer.
She told me all about Washington and her reasons for the items she sent.

She told me that she loved the ocean and felt blessed to live in a State on the ocean.

Jennifer told me many companies got their start in Washington, including Starbucks.
She said that this mug came from the "first" Starbucks store.

She said that Washingtonians (?) are huge sports fans.
Being from Michigan, I can relate to that!!

She said that one of Washington's main crops was apples.

And being a soccer player and a coach, she of course included Washington's Soccer team.

Another company that had it's beginnings in Washington was Microsoft.
This is where Jennifer currently works.

Isn't this the coolest Local Flavors package ever?!!!
Thanks Jennifer and Thank you Chaotic Goddesses for hosting.


  1. Replies
    1. It was fun. Next month we are doing a Halloween should join us!!

  2. The ocean scented candle sounds amazing!

  3. August babies rock! (I'm one, too!) :D
    I'm glad she sent you such great stuff from our state...I work by the stadiums, and can tell you that on game day, it does feel like the entire city has turned out to cheer! Plus, our soccer team just beat Portland.
    I'm so glad you liked your goodies from her (and I love all the homemade farmstand stuff you sent!). Thanks for joining us for the swap!

    1. Happy Birthday Beth. I was very fortunate to get Jennifer as my partner. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Aw, that is such a fun box of goodies! LOVE it!


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