Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Caught up in the Danger Zone....

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Today's word is DANGER.

Last night, Amy and I attended a conference on Compassion.  That seems to be a recurring theme for me this month.  This is the third time Christ has brought me to think about this word.  You can read about the other two times here and here.  The speaker last night used the parable of the Good Samaritan to speak about Compassion.  During his talk he said that there are many ways of showing compassion but all of them need two components.  First, you need to allow others into your life, your needs, your fears, your trials, your innermost feelings.  Secondly, you need to allow yourself to enter into their lives the same way.   Only then, are you able to truly receive and give Compassion.

Now, I am sure you are wondering why I am going on and on here about Compassion when today's word is DANGER.   I guess this conference jumped to the forefront of my mind upon hearing the word danger because to me...sharing my thoughts and fears and life with others is a very dangerous thing.  I like to feel in control and it is hard to be in control when you are seeking Compassion from others.  Yet, there is a danger in not allowing others to serve you and to always think that you need to be the servant.


by: Richard Gillard

Listen to the tune 

1. Brother, let me be your servant.
Let me be as Christ to you.
Pray that I might have the grace
To let you be my servant, too.

It is very easy for me to be the servant to others but that is not all that Christ calls us to be...he also calls us to be served.  And that, for me, feels very dangerous.  It is scary to expose yourself to others.  To let them see the real you and not the you that you want them to see.  There is danger in allowing yourself to be loved as well as allowing yourself to love others.  But if you hide from that danger for fear of being hurt you will miss all that a relationship has to offer and that is a much bigger danger than not having the relationship at all.


  1. Boy are you speaking to me today, my friend. I have a VERY hard time letting go of the control and allowing others to help me. I was just battling with myself about a gift that was being offered to Darian and Harley from their youth pastor and whether or not to accept it. You are so right....God sometimes speaks to us through our friends

  2. Thank you so much Wendy. I have been really uncomfortable with posting my difficulties lately. I am always happy to help, but to share the times when I NEED help. To put it all out there and let people know how hard it all is right now. That's really out of my comfort zone. This week with mom has been so awful. But being honest about it is the right thing. I prayed about it and knew I had to say it. But the way you put this - especially the song "the grace to let you be my servant too" hit the nail on the head. It's still not easy, but I think it's important to admit when we don't have it all together. Great take on danger!

    1. Hang in there Lisa. It is a hard road that we are traveling but you are handling it amazingly well. Your Dad is very proud of you.

    2. Hang on Lisa. God will handle it all for you. I know, because I've been there :)


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