Thursday, August 28, 2014

There's a change in the air....

Many changes today on this last Thursday of August.  I can't believe that September is already upon us.

The first change to tell you about is a change to the Weekly Menu.  We are going to have a special choir practice today for a Mass this Saturday.  The whole choir is not singing just those of us closest to Kirsten and John.  This Mass is a Memorial Mass for their granddaughter, Sarah who was stillborn and is now in Heaven smiling down upon us.  Another change is that tomorrow we have been invited over to Mom Klik's for dinner so the Salmon will remain in the freezer for another day.  The final change to the weekly menu is that now that Fall is upon us I am going to start incorporating Soup Saturdays into the weekly menu.

Mmmmmmm.... Soup Saturdays!

Since we won't be home to make dinner, our friend Karen, who is staying with us for a while, is going to prepare dinner for us while we are gone and John and Kirsten will join us here after practice.

The second change I want to tell you about is a new blog that I started yesterday to track my fitness journey.  You can find it here if you wish to follow, join or encourage me in this phase of my life.  I have named this blog A Day in the Life on my Quest for Fitness.  Pretty original huh??

I went to the gym this morning (read all about it in my new blog), then I stopped to see Mom.  The gym is about a quarter mile away from where Mom is living so it works out perfectly.  Mom has a new member in her "gang".  Pat moved in on Tuesday and she is a very friendly soul with a very dirty mind and mouth.  Every sentence she spoke to us was about sex and Mom was laughing and getting such a kick out of it....I didn't stay too long LOL.

Dawn had met me at the gym for Zumba and went to see Mom with me, then we met Frank for lunch. It was a wonderful morning.  When we all parted I went to the CSA and picked up my weekly bounty and a bushel of tomatoes.  Guess what I am doing tomorrow??

Another change, here on the farm, is that my new hens have started to lay.  The disparity in eggs is always amazing to me.  The size and color of eggs is determined by the breed of bird.  As you can see, one of my new layers is going to give me white eggs.  They will not remain that tiny though, they will be larger as the hen matures.

While we are talking about change here on the farm, I thought I would give you a Turkey update as well. They are now 23 days old, here they are at 1 day old.

And here they are this morning.  They are now completely feathered and allowed to go in and out of their coop at will. I still have the heat lamp for them as it has been cooling off at night.


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