Friday, August 22, 2014

Just a pocket full of change

Today is 5 minute Friday, now hosted by Kate Motaung of Heading Home.  Kate took over the reins from Lisa Jo Baker who is swamped working on a project that is near and dear to her.  Kate chose the word "CHANGE"  as our prompt for today's session where we write for 5 minutes flat, on whatever the prompt puts on our hearts and minds.  Then we share it with others who love to write and are also dictated by this 5 minute rule so there is no worry about how well you edited or spell checked or how pretty it is.  We just write and we would love it if you would join us!!


It's just a little loose change.  It hangs around in the bottom of your purse.  It jangles in your pockets. It falls underneath your couch cushions and accumulates in your junk drawers.  There might be a pile of it on your dresser or your nightstand.  Sometimes we see it lying right there on the ground and can't be bothered to stoop over and pick it up.

It is just a little loose change.  And in this land of plenty, to many it means nothing....but to some it means a loaf of bread or a bag of rice for a hungry child.  That few cents might be the difference in finding a cure for some dread disease.  It may help give schooling to some child in a 3rd world country who will in turn find a way to make a change in his families circumstances.

Just a little loose change.  Throw it in a jar and watch how quickly it grows.  I once paid for most of my Christmas gifts with the loose change I had accumulated.


And now I challenge you to make a change with your change.

Gather it up, go to the link above for Lisa Jo Baker and help her to meet her goal of creating change in Africa where she was born into wealth and surrounded by poverty.  She did not turn a blind eye.  She decided to make a change and you can help!!


  1. I love your post. My husband and I paid for our first piece of furniture as a married couple with change we saved up. It does add up more quickly than we think.

    1. For sure Amy and now when we throw change in the jar we include our dollar bills also.

  2. What a great post! Nice take on change...isn't amazing what we can do with a little loose change. I love our change jar! We've emptied it many times to send with our kids for this disaster or drive or charitable cause. It's easy once you get started.

  3. We have a huge change jar too. Not filling up as fast as it used to, but it's there for when times get tough and we need it. Good post my friend!


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