Monday, August 18, 2014

A Step Back in Time

Hi all,  I am back....just in case any of you happened to notice that I haven't been here since Thursday night. You didn't???  Well, that's okay...I'm going to share my weekend with you anyway LOL.

We traveled about 8 hrs. north into Canada to a small, little town called Trout Creek so that we could attend Frank's family reunion.  This is his Mom's, maternal side of the family and we had a great time.  I am going to tell you all about it but for tonight I am just going to talk about Friday...because it is midnight here and I need to get some sleep.  Why didn't I just wait until tomorrow, you ask?  I have been internet deprived all weekend and I missed touching base with you all so here I am....sitting here in the middle of the night ready to tell you how my weekend started.

We took Frank's Mom and niece, Danielle, with us to the family reunion.  They spent the night with us on Thursday and we were up early and ready to go on Friday.  We went for breakfast at the Riviera Restaurant that is right next door to the ferry to take us over to Canada.  After breakfast we drove and we drove and we stopped to pee, and we drove and we stopped for lunch and we drove and we drove and we stopped for gas and Root Beer Floats from A&W, and we drove and we drove and we stopped in the last little town before we reached Trout Creek because our hotel in Trout Creek has the only restaurant in town and they close at 7 pm.

When we called to let them know we would not be there before 7 pm they said "okay, you have rooms 5 and 7, the doors will be open and the keys will be inside for you", when I asked about the restaurant they told me we better stop in South River at Antonio's because their town would be closed for the night.  So, we did.  We stopped and got subs and took them to our rooms that were left open for us.

We walked in and it was like stepping back in time to when I was a kid....

I would guess this furniture is perhaps late 60's, early 70's vintage.
But the rooms were clean and the price was right and besides...they are the only game in town!!

Danielle and I were cracking up.
Mom couldn't understand what we found so funny.
Don't you love that hanging lamp??

It was very quaint and cozy.
There was a 12" tv with cable.
No telephone or internet...
but we had stopped for the subs and we had wine so life was good!!

Time for me to get some sleep but I will be back tomorrow to share the rest of my weekend.  I know, I know the suspense is killing you...but trust me...the wait will be worth it!!


  1. My parent's motel had those exact vanities and tiny bathrooms...and I'm pretty sure a bunch of those hanging lamps!
    So, what was the recipe round up I kept seeing on Google+? I thought maybe you were on some kind of an uber-organizational kick!

    1. I changed my recipe page to be better what a lot of work, but it turned out nicely, I think. Check it out when you are bored with nothing to do LOL...


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