Monday, August 25, 2014

My Mother, the Thief

Isn't that a lovely sweater Mom has on?  The only problem is not hers...we think it is Harriet's but Harriet can't remember and says if it is hers Mom can just have it.  

A few weeks ago, I walked into Mom's room and there was a stuffed dog on her chair.  I had seen this stuffed dog before in the cart of another client's walker.  She was very proud of her dog and was showing it to everyone.  When I found it in Mom's room, I thought perhaps it was the resident stuffed dog and that it was her turn to have it.  The next day the dog was back with the other client.

Then I found Mom in a sweater that wasn't hers.  She had no idea where it came from but her sweater was sitting on the back of a chair in the dining area so I switched sweaters leaving the other one on the back of the chair.  

The next inkling we had was when I walked into Mom's room and found some glasses on her night stand.  Mom was wearing her glasses and had no idea where these other glasses had come from so I gave them to the aide and they were returned to the rightful owner.

Last week, Dawn went to put some candy that she had brought Mom into the box that Larry and Mary had sent her filled with goodies.  Dawn opens the box and finds a pair of dentures inside.  Dawn took them to the aide and found out that one of the client's had been missing their's for 3 weeks!!!!!~

Then again today with the sweater....sigh....perhaps she is a kleptomaniac LOL..... 


  1. We saw this alot in the nursing home where I worked. I think it is just the behaviors of those with dementia. And sometimes the workers!! The ones who just don't bother trying to find what belongs to who.

  2. Yes, so far they have been pretty good. When Mom's glasses were missing they went during lunch hour and checked all the resident's rooms finding 3 pairs in one of the rooms LOL so Mom is not the only culprit.

  3. That's so funny...not if you're the one missing the dentures, but your mom has a definite glint in her thieving eyes! My mom finches all sorts of stuff if we're not careful...she tries to hoard and hide food, but Sophie, the Rescue Beast lets us know about that pretty darned quick!! But we have found the craziest stuff in her walker, the infamous basket and stuffed under her pillow. Bless your heart!

    1. Yes we laughed our butts off but to be fair to Mom people go in and out of others rooms all the time because they forget which room is theirs so it is possible that the dentures and glasses were left there by someone who thought they were going to bed. We will never know LOL.


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