Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tall Ship Tales

Today, before Mass, we went into town and took a tour of the Tall Ship that is harbored there.  The ship is the TS Niagara, which is a reproduction of the US Niagara, that is now being used as a training ship.  What was interesting to me was that yesterday we had gone to Put In Bay, Ohio and went on some tours where we learned all about Oliver Hazard Perry who was stationed on Put In Bay and involved in a battle in which he defeated the British.

We learned that the ship we were touring was a replication of the ship used by Perry in that battle.  I thought it was quite a coincidence.

It was a truly awesome ship, very beautiful and very small, especially if you are spending three weeks at sea. Is it called "at sea" if you are in fresh water??  At lake?  At river?  

It was very interesting and I am glad we had the opportunity to go on board and talk with the crew.  I think I will forget about joining up though.  You have to sleep in a hammock and can only shower at Marina's when you dock every few days.  No thanks!!


  1. But that would be so much fun to sign up and spend some time on a ship like that....I wouldn't mind the sleeping in the hammock at all. It would be the showering part that would get to me

    1. Yeah but I'm a side would that work in a hammock??

    2. I'm a side sleeper too....but I bet I could make it work just so I could sail on that tall ship


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