Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me and The Weekly Menu

Today is my Birthday and I am handling it pretty well.  I sometimes suffer from the Birthday Blues but this year is not so bad.  Probably because I am not home and have other things on my mind.

Frank's conference ends this afternoon and then we will be heading over to my Jen and Randy's house to spend my birthday before heading home tomorrow afternoon.  While I am there I will be taking Lili shopping for her birthday present because this is the first time I have seen her since her birthday.  Jen was nominated to participate in the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge and she (at the prompting of Lil) nominated Frank so when we arrive we will let her and Spence help Uncle Frank with his challenge.  I wonder who he is going to nominate???

On Meatless Monday I will be sharing a Sauce that I make for Pasta using tons of those vegetables that are going crazy in your garden right now.

You might remember from last week's post that we are the proud owners of Turtle Meat so Try it Tuesday is going to be interesting.

Anyway enough with the chit chat....Here is my Weekly Menu.  Enjoy and please stop by each day as I share photos and recipes.  You will also want to stop by MPM for some great menu ideas.

Not sure what Jen has planned

Heading home-Dinner on the Road

Meatless Monday
Pasta with Grilled Vegetable Sauce

Try it Tuesday
Turtle Soup
Jalapeno Corn Muffins Cheesy Zucchini Bread
Peach/Cherry Clafouti

Korean Beef 
Jasmine Rice

Thursday-Dinner by Karen
Grilled Pork Chops
Roasted Red Skin Potatoes
Grilled Carrots

Fish Friday-Dinner at Mom Klik's
Grilled Salmon
Smashed Redskin Puffs  (pictured above)
5 Bean Salad

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