Thursday, March 31, 2022

Off the Menu Round-up #MoviesandMunchies

March has come to a close and so has our Off the Menu Movies and Munchies event.  I think for the most part the group agreed that this was a fun and mindless little rom com.  I know that they all agreed that there was tons of food inspiration to be had.  

Off the Menu
First to join me this month was Sue from Palatable Pastime.  Sue shared an amazing recipe for Stuffed Green Chile Peppers.

Stuffed Green Chili Peppers

"The heroine of the film has a signature stuffed pepper dish which everyone is chomping at the bit to find out her secrets. I have replicated that recipe here." 

Kelly of Simply Inspired Meals followed with a wonderfully delicious sounding Mango Pear Ginger Smoothie


Mango Pear Smoothie

"Early in getting to know each other, he agrees to help the cafe owner with some legal paperwork (turns out he’s a lawyer who barely practices) in exchange for a meal. The first thing she brings him is a smoothie. He tastes it, likes it and comments it must be full of sugar. She said no, all natural, with mango, pear, ginger and a little carrot. Well, this is the inspiration for my recipe."

Terri of Our Good Life joined in the fun with a scrumptious Stacked Tortilla Breakfast.  Terri loved this movie as much as I.

Tortilla Stack Breakfast

"I was inspired to make the delicious Tortilla Stack breakfast. That egg looked so delicious, with the perfect yolk running down the stack."

Debra of Eliot's Eats  brought Cheesy Green Chile Bean and Beef Burritos to the table.  Debra recognized the scenery and some of the buildings in the film and realized it was set in the real life town of Taos which she has visited in the past.  She even thinks that she ate in the restaurant that they used as the setting in the film.

Bean and Beef Burrito and film cover

"Since we were hosting a family dinner, I decided to do a riff on burritos, obviously adding green chiles."

Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures enjoyed the movie as well noting that it was as funny and predictable as expected.  Amy was inspired to make a Green Chile Chicken Soup and I am so stealing this recipe!!

Green Chili Chicken Soup

 "The best part of watching this movie was the soup I was able to create as inspiration! I never would have thought to make a green chile soup otherwise!"

Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla created her recipe for Roasted Hatch Chile Sunrise at the beginning of the month and shared a mouth wateringly delicious looking photo.  I impatiently awaited the recipe and was finally rewarded towards the end of the month.  

Roasted Hatch Chiles

"When I did some reading as to what chiles were grown in New Mexico, I landed on the Hatch Chile. And I happened to find some at the market. That was serendipitous. So I roasted them, roasted some yellow, orange, and red peppers, and made a Javiera-inspired breakfast."

I, too, was inspired to make a breakfast that I shared at the beginning of the month, inspired by one of the opening scenes of the film when Javiera serves up a beet and sweet potato hash topped with egg to her daughter.  You can find my recipe here.

Sweet potato and Beet Hash topped with egg

That's a wrap folks!!  Please feel free to join us next month as we watch the family friendly fun film, The Jungle Cruise, hosted by Kelly of Simply Inspired Meals.  Hope to see you at the roundup.


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