Thursday, March 3, 2022

Discovering Ziobaffa Wines #ItalianFWT

 Zioboffa Organic Toscana is, as are many wines from Tuscany, a Sangiovese blend.  It pours a deep red and smells of flowers and fruit.  It is well balanced and a bit other words, it is wonderful.


The Italian Food Wine and Travel group are taking a look at Organic and Natural wines in Italy this month.....
Up until the 1970's all Italian wines were organic and natural and then the government started allowing pesticides to be used.  It is very expensive now, for the winery owners to get the "organic" certification even if they never stopped using organic practices.  

Baffa, a native Californian, was in Italy on a surfing trip with Chris Del Moro, an environmentalist and Piergiorgio Castellani, a fifth generation winemaker.  Baffa's passion for good food, good drink and good fun earned him the title of Zio (uncle).  

Castellani grabbed the name Ziobaffa and crafted a wine in Tuscany at a zero waste facility. Baffa works closely with Castellani, managing the facility.  They call it an Italian-Californian collaboration focusing on making high quality, affordable Italian wines that are eco-friendly.

I found the article written and provided by quite interesting, especially the following paragraph: 

Castellani and ZIOBAFFA have made conscious efforts to infuse our products with an ethos of quality & sustainability. 100% of energy used in manufacturing is from renewable resources and NDV certified with a "zero waste" program, recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water. Additionally, our ZIOBAFFA bottles utilize recycled glass in their creation. 100% of the paper we use for our label is FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certified and is produced from raw material obtained through sustainable farming practices. The labels are printed with non-toxic ink and affixed using bio-friendly, non-toxic glue.
I went into looking specifically for an organic wine for this event and as soon as I read that statement I knew that I had found the wine I wanted to showcase.

Sandwich and Wine

This wine was a great value at less than $15.  I opened it one when we were having Italian Dip Sandwiches.  These are just like French Dip Sandwiches but seasoned and cooked with Italian herbs and spices before being sliced and turned into sandwiches topped with mozzarella cheese.

I am sharing the recipe for these sandwiches on Saturday with the Supperclub Saturday blogging group to which I belong.  It is a crockpot recipe so it is perfect for those days when you are busy.  There is nothing better than coming home to a house that smells amazing.  Pop open a bottle of this lovely wine and enjoy a glass as you shred the beef and assemble the sandwiches.  Then pour a second glass to savor with the casual and easy dinner you are serving up.

Katarina of Grapevine Adventures is going to lead us in chat this Saturday, March 5, at 11 AM ET.  We love when others join us and tell us their experiences with the topic being discussed.  Please consider stopping by.  You will find us by following #ItalianFWT.  Here are some of the topics we will be chatting about.........


  1. I had a wine from the same winery. A white wine though. Delish.

  2. Interesting how the business was created. A surfing trip turned into producing wine!


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